How Marjorie Taylor Greene’s DC Jail Visit Tightened Ties Between the Republican Party and Jan. 6 Rioters

by Michael Nguyen
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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and some other Republican lawmakers went to the jail in Washington, D.C. to look at the conditions of people who were arrested for participating in the events from January 6th. The prisoners shouted “Let’s Go Brandon!” as a cheer against President Joe Biden when everyone was leaving the jail.

Recently, Speaker Kevin McCarthy met with the mother of the person who died during the Capitol attack. He also allowed a Fox News commentator named Tucker Carlson to see some tapes that showed what happened on Jan. 6, 2021, even though Tucker was talking about conspiracy theories related to it.

House Republicans are trying very hard to change the facts surrounding the Capitol riot, making it seem less dangerous and hiding the growing threat of extremism in the U.S. This incident occurred when President Trump’s followers attacked the Capitol building and the whole world watched.

Repbulicans are trying to make it look like the people who broke into the Capitol on January 6 are not as bad as they may seem by saying they’re ‘political prisoners’. It worries some people that this is an attempt to erase what really happened.

Heidi Beirich, co-founder of Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, said that some Republicans, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, are trying to change the facts about an attack on our democracy. And they don’t realize how serious it was.

Friday, Greene guided a tour at the local jail. In connection with the attack on the Capitol, around 1,000 people have been arrested by the Justice Department. Additionally, twenty defendants being held in pretrial detention and facing serious charges are those who fought against police officers during the ugly and violent chaos of Capitol.

Rep. Marjorie Greene said that trying to change the Capitol assault history is extremely silly and impossible because there are so many videos of it shown on Fox News, which were all accessible to McCarthy. Instead, she suggested a better alternative: “Exposing the truth”. In other words, don’t try to rewrite history but instead show what really happened.

After the Civil War ended, people had different ideas about what it was really all about. Some people said it was about states’ rights instead of ending slavery. This idea came up again when Martin Luther King Jr. did his work for civil rights – some people questioned whether he really changed things in a meaningful way.

In the House (of Representatives) run by Republicans this year, some party members have doubts about what happened on January 6th and why the government is hunting down people connected to it. There are organizations who are collecting money and trying to give legal help to the people who got arrested that day.

This week, politicians discussing in a group called the Judiciary subcommittee noticed that the government was treating parents unfairly if they protested school policies. Next week, another group of politicians named the “weaponization” committee will look into people’s right to say what they want on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter etc.

McCarthy mentioned that sometimes the government may call parents “domestic terrorists” if they go to a school board meeting, but this almost never happens.

In 2021, the United States Justice Department issued an important memo from Attorney General Merrick Garland. This memo was a response to the concerns of school boards about groups of people causing trouble and being violent at school board meetings. Garland said that federal law enforcement officers should work to stop this “scary increase” in people threatening school officials.

The House Judiciary Committee, led by the Republicans, did research and they found out that in one case, the FBI were speaking to a mom who said something mean to her local school board. In another case, they looked into a dad because someone reported him to a federal hotline as being quite angry at the government and owning lots of guns.

McCarthy said that parents should have the right to go to school board meetings and not be treated like criminals. Even though Greene believes the attack on Capitol was wrong, she also thinks that there is unfair treatment towards those who were involved in Jan 6 because of their beliefs.

Democrats said that what people are saying about the jail is wrong. There were problems in the jail but none of them related to the new wing where people accused in connections with January 6th events were staying. The U.S Marshalls inspected the facility and decided to move 400 people out of it because some parts were not meeting required standards.

Two Democrats on the House Oversight Committee paid a visit to detention facilities. Rep. Jasmine Crockett from Texas, who used to be a public defender, said that the jail was in good condition. Her fellow Democratic Representative Robert Garcia of California noticed that the Republicans were very friendly with the people guilty of the Jan 6th incident – they greeted them and even patted each other on their backs when they got there.

As they were leaving, the defendants shouted out an expression in support of Biden called “Let’s Go Brandon!” Marjorie Taylor Greene and some other people wanted to treat them like celebrities, but according to Garcia, these people are actually insurrectionists, so we should not forget that.

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