Danny Masterson sent to state prison to serve sentence for rape convictions, mug shot released

by Ethan Kim
Prison Sentence

Actor Danny Masterson has commenced his prison sentence in a California state penitentiary following his conviction for two counts of rape. Masterson, recognized for his role in the television series “That ’70s Show,” has been admitted to North Kern State Prison, where authorities have released his initial prison mug shot. In the photograph, Masterson is depicted donning standard orange prison attire, characterized by his long hair and beard.

This legal outcome transpired subsequent to Masterson’s conviction in June for the sexual assault of two women within his Los Angeles residence back in 2003. In September, a presiding judge imposed a sentence of 30 years to life imprisonment. The aftermath of this legal ordeal also saw the dissolution of his nearly 12-year marriage to actor Bijou Phillips, who filed for divorce in the ensuing weeks.

Throughout the intervening months leading to his prison term, Masterson was detained in Los Angeles County jail while post-sentencing hearings were conducted, and various logistical matters were addressed, such as the retrieval and documentation of all firearms owned by Masterson, a process that required some diligent effort.

It is important to note that Masterson will not be eligible for parole for a substantial period, with more than 25 years separating him from any potential parole consideration. In response to this verdict, Masterson’s legal team has announced their intention to appeal the conviction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Prison Sentence

What were Danny Masterson’s convictions?

Danny Masterson was convicted of two counts of rape related to incidents that occurred in his Los Angeles home in 2003.

How long is Danny Masterson’s prison sentence?

He has been sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for his convictions.

Where is Danny Masterson serving his prison sentence?

Danny Masterson is currently serving his prison sentence at North Kern State Prison in California.

When was the divorce between Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips filed?

Bijou Phillips filed for divorce from Danny Masterson in the weeks following his sentencing. Their marriage lasted nearly 12 years.

What is the timeline for Danny Masterson’s potential parole eligibility?

It will be more than 25 years before Danny Masterson becomes eligible for parole.

Will Danny Masterson appeal his conviction?

Yes, Masterson’s lawyers have indicated that they plan to appeal the conviction.

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LegalEagle99 December 28, 2023 - 6:51 pm

parole after 25yrs? insane! lawyers apel, we’ll see!

NewsJunkie23 December 29, 2023 - 1:45 am

masterson’s mug shot is smthng! orange suit, long hair, beard


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