Hundreds Stranded at Peru-Chile Border Amidst Strict Migration Crackdown

by Joshua Brown
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At the border between Chile and Peru, hundreds of Venezuelans are having a hard time getting back home. They have limited paperwork to get into Peru which means they’re not allowed to cross over. Unfortunately, this has caused a big problem for all these people stranded in Chile.

Some people have stopped at the line between two South American countries. This place is known as Atacama Desert and it’s one of the driest areas in the world, with hot days and cold nights. Some of these travelers have made tents out of blankets but they don’t have basic things like water.

A group of people were running through the desert and trying to get into Peru. Unfortunately, they got stopped by Peruvian officers. The women were unhappy and called on President Gabriel Boric to give them a bus so that they can go back to Venezuela. There were even pictures of some migrant people pushing against the border patrol in an effort to get into Peru.

The city of Arica, which is located close to the border between Chile and Peru and is quite far away from the Chilean capital Santiago, announced an important migration emergency on Thursday. The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, declared a state of emergency in Tacna (a nearby town) one day before in order to keep immigrants out and crack down on any crimes they might do.

Boluarte wants to change the law so that she can use the military at the border. Boric already sent soldiers to help stop people from crossing over into the country in February.

Amnesty International is asking Peru and Chile to stop treating the border between them like a war zone. The director of Amnesty International, Erika Guevara Rosas, says that because of this, people in both countries are in danger and need help.

The Chilean government was angry with something that the Mayor of Tacna, Pascual Guisa, said and asked to meet with the Peruvian Ambassador Jaime Pomareda. The Mayor had called Chile’s President “irresponsible” for trying to make Peru take in more migrants from other countries. After this meeting, the Mayor of Arica, Gerardo Espíndola said he would find ways to help those in need, especially children and seniors.

“We will act fast to help those stuck at the border,” said Espíndola.

Vlado Mirosevic, who is in charge of Chile’s lower house of Congress wants a plan which will let people from Venezuela go through other countries and make it safely back home.

Chile’s foreign minister, Alberto van Klaveren, said there is a big problem happening in their country and it’s made even worse by Boluarte’s decision. Recently, Chile asked prosecutors to ask for jail time for people if they don’t have proof of who they are when they get caught doing something bad.

Congress is about to vote on a law that could make it illegal for people to come into Chile if they don’t use the right way. It also includes punishments like jail time of up to 541 days for those who are caught entering without official permission.

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