In battleground Arizona, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. draws Biden and Trump voters united by distrust

by Ethan Kim

In the pivotal state of Arizona, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has garnered support from a diverse range of voters, some of whom had previously voted for Donald Trump, while others had cast their ballots for Joe Biden. A few individuals, previously disinterested in politics, were drawn to Kennedy’s message through podcasts and YouTube videos.

What unites these voters is a profound distrust—of the media, corporations, and especially the government. They perceive Kennedy as a rare political figure willing to speak the unvarnished truth. Gilbert Limon, a 48-year-old pharmacist from Phoenix, appreciates Kennedy’s straightforward approach, valuing his ability to convey vital information comprehensively. He contrasts this with other politicians who, in Limon’s view, offer fragmented information tailored to their agendas, a sentiment shared by many.

While enthusiasm for a potential Biden-Trump rematch is lacking among these voters, alternative candidates like Kennedy and the No Labels third-party movement see an opportunity. Kennedy’s presence in Arizona in 2024 underscores his potential impact on the upcoming election. Both Trump and Biden supporters express concerns that Kennedy’s independent bid might siphon votes away from their candidates in the expected general election rematch.

Historically, candidates from outside the Republican and Democratic parties face steep challenges in making a significant impact on the electoral landscape. However, Kennedy’s famous last name and existing support network set him apart. His rigorous campaign efforts include collecting over a million signatures nationwide to secure access to the 2024 presidential ballot, a costly and complex process that varies by state.

American Values 2024, a super PAC supporting Kennedy, has committed $15 million to aid his ballot access in ten states, achieving success in Utah where the deadline for qualification was extended after legal action. Kennedy’s political journey has taken him from his Democratic family roots to closer ties with the far-right, aligning with their conspiratorial and isolationist views.

Enriqueta Porras, a physician from Phoenix, embodies the dilemma faced by voters torn between their beliefs and strategic voting. While she admires Kennedy, she also wants to ensure Biden’s defeat, leading her to consider strategic voting.

Kennedy’s presidential campaign is bolstered by a loyal following of anti-vaccine activists who reject the scientific consensus on vaccine safety and efficacy. His organization, Children’s Health Defense, is currently pursuing legal action against news outlets, accusing them of antitrust violations related to COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation.

Among the Kennedy supporters in Phoenix, a common thread is their concern about the excessive influence wielded by corporations, particularly pharmaceutical companies. Debra Sheetz, who voted for Biden in 2020, now seeks a candidate who aligns with her views on freedom of speech, which she perceives as being eroded.

Curt Eastin, who voted for Biden in 2020, resonates with Kennedy’s trustworthiness and honesty, even if he disagrees with some of his positions. He views Kennedy as a candidate he can genuinely rely on, unlike others.

Kennedy acknowledges that his support base prefers alternative sources of information over mainstream media. He notes that young people are especially drawn to his message, in contrast to older generations who rely on traditional news outlets.

While third-party and independent candidates typically face uphill battles in presidential elections, Kennedy’s unique position and message may make him a contender in 2024. He aims to bridge the partisan divide and promote cooperation—an idea that resonates with voters like Michael Chacon, a 23-year-old student in Tempe, who sees potential in Kennedy’s approach to unite a divided political landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Distrust

Q: Who is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and why is he drawing diverse supporters in Arizona?

A: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a political figure known for his family ties to the Democratic Party but has garnered support from various voters in Arizona due to their shared distrust in politics and a desire for honesty. His unique appeal, despite being from outside the traditional party system, has generated interest in the 2024 election.

Q: What makes Kennedy’s campaign unique in the 2024 election?

A: Kennedy’s campaign stands out because it attracts supporters from different political backgrounds, including those who previously voted for Trump or Biden. He offers an alternative to the expected Biden-Trump rematch and seeks to bridge the partisan divide.

Q: What challenges does Kennedy face in securing ballot access for the 2024 election?

A: Kennedy faces the challenge of collecting over a million signatures across the country to secure access to the 2024 presidential ballot as an independent candidate. This process varies by state and can be expensive and complicated.

Q: Why does Kennedy have support from anti-vaccine activists, and how does this impact his campaign?

A: Kennedy’s campaign is bolstered by anti-vaccine activists who reject the scientific consensus on vaccine safety and efficacy. This support base adds a unique dimension to his campaign but also generates controversy due to his stance on vaccines.

Q: How does Kennedy plan to address the concerns of voters torn between their beliefs and strategic voting?

A: Kennedy acknowledges the dilemma faced by voters torn between their beliefs and strategic voting. His campaign aims to provide an alternative that aligns with their values while also addressing their desire to impact the outcome of the election.

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ElectionJunkie22 December 25, 2023 - 11:39 pm

Man, AZ’s hot 4 a 2024 upset. Kennedy pullin’ votes, got both sides sweatin’.

VaxSkeptic December 26, 2023 - 3:51 am

Kennedy’s anti-vax stance’s raisin’ eyebrows, but he’s got die-hard backers.

Reader123 December 26, 2023 - 11:16 am

arizona, kennedy, distrust – it’s lik a poltical mixup out ther. lotsa ppol comin 2gether w difrent votes.

PoliticLuvr December 26, 2023 - 11:54 am

Kennedy’s talkin’ to peeps on YouTub n podcasts – no bs, just truth, ya kno? Gotta respect dat!


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