Pro-Palestinian protesters block airport access roads in New York, Los Angeles

by Ryan Lee
Airport Protests

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Airport Protests

What were the objectives of the Pro-Palestinian protesters at the airports?

The Pro-Palestinian protesters aimed to raise awareness about the Israel-Hamas war and advocate for expanded rights for Palestinians.

How did the protests impact travelers at the airports?

The demonstrations caused significant traffic disruptions on the access roads to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and the Los Angeles International Airport. Some travelers had to leave their vehicles and walk to bypass the blocked roads.

Were there any arrests during the protests?

Yes, a total of 62 people were arrested during the two protests – 26 in New York and 35 in Los Angeles. These arrests were made in response to various incidents during the demonstrations.

How did law enforcement agencies respond to the protests?

In New York, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey dispatched buses to offer rides to travelers affected by the traffic backup. In Los Angeles, the police arrested individuals for rioting and one for battery of a police officer. They also accused protesters of attacking uninvolved passersby.

What has been the impact of the Israel-Hamas war on protests in the United States?

Since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war on Oct. 7, there have been frequent protests in cities across the United States. Pro-Palestinian organizers have escalated their actions, disrupting notable events in New York City.

How did New York City Mayor Eric Adams respond to the protests?

Mayor Eric Adams criticized some of the protest organizers’ tactics and suggested that police may need to increase their response to prevent disruptions of city events and infrastructure.

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NYCExplorer December 28, 2023 - 9:41 am

Mayor Adams wants to take action, but it’s tough situashun for the city

InfoJunkie101 December 28, 2023 - 2:26 pm

these protests r part of bigr movement, impact of Israel-Hamas war is reachin US too

NewsHound42 December 29, 2023 - 5:49 am

yeah, it’s crzy, trvellers stuck in traffc, hop they find a solushun soon

LAlocal December 29, 2023 - 6:00 am

LA traffic already bad, protests make it wors, hop everyone stays safe


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