No Labels push in closely divided Arizona fuels Democratic anxiety about a Biden spoiler

by Ethan Kim
Arizona No Labels Decision

The emergence of the No Labels political group in Arizona has raised concerns among Democrats about the potential impact it could have on the upcoming election. With more than 15,000 people in the state registering to join this new party, there is a growing possibility of a bipartisan “unity ticket” that could challenge both Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

While the number of registrants is smaller than the population of Arizona’s largest cities, it still represents a significant voter base in this critical swing state. The mere presence of No Labels is causing anxiety among Democrats who are striving to prevent Trump from securing another term in the White House. The group has already secured ballot access in Arizona and ten other states, with plans to expand to 20 states by the end of the year and eventually to all 50 states by Election Day.

The concern among Democrats stems from the belief that if No Labels fields a candidate who aims to unite the country, it could siphon votes away from Joe Biden without necessarily affecting Donald Trump’s voter base. This scenario has led to increased pressure from Biden allies, who are actively campaigning against No Labels and politicians engaging with the group.

In Arizona, where Biden won by a narrow margin in 2020, the state Democratic Party attempted to prevent No Labels from appearing on the ballot by suing Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, also a Democrat. However, the party’s legal efforts were unsuccessful, and they are now pressing Fontes to compel No Labels to disclose its donors. Democrats have insinuated that the group might be backed by conservatives seeking to hinder Biden, but No Labels has maintained that it complies with federal law and protects donor privacy.

Fontes is expected to announce a decision in the coming weeks regarding potential actions against No Labels for failing to register under the state’s campaign finance law, and this decision is likely to face legal challenges.

Despite some unconventional efforts to engage with No Labels, such as a candidate from outside Phoenix declaring himself chairman of the party’s Pinal County chapter, the stakes remain high for Biden. His narrow victory in 2020 relied on support from anti-Trump Republicans, right-leaning independents, and voters who viewed him as a preferable alternative to Trump. Winning over these voters will be crucial for Biden in a potential rematch.

Historically, third-party candidates have not come close to winning the presidency, but they have been seen as spoilers. Democrats blame Jill Stein for siphoning votes away from Hillary Clinton in 2016, and a slight shift in votes in 2020 could have altered the election outcome.

The battle against No Labels reflects the broader debate over the role of third-party candidates in American elections. While some argue that the political climate in 2024 is unique, with voters from both parties weary of Washington’s turmoil, others remain wary of potential spoilers.

No Labels has garnered significant support in Arizona, with over 13,500 registrations in the state’s largest counties. Notably, about half of these registrants were formerly independent voters, and a substantial portion came from the two major parties, indicating that they are more likely to vote.

The party’s leaders have not yet decided whether to run a candidate and plan to make that determination after the Super Tuesday primaries in March. They have ties to moderates from both major parties and are considering a range of potential candidates, including business leaders and retired military officers.

While the impact of No Labels on the 2024 election remains uncertain, it has certainly emerged as a significant factor in the political landscape, sparking debates and concerns among Democrats about its potential influence on the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Political Challenge

What is No Labels, and why is it causing concern in Arizona?

No Labels is a new political group in Arizona that aims to create a possible bipartisan “unity ticket” for the upcoming election. It has raised concerns among Democrats because it could potentially impact the presidential race in this crucial swing state.

How many people have registered with No Labels in Arizona?

Over 15,000 people in Arizona have registered with No Labels, making it a noteworthy voter base in the state.

What is the primary concern among Democrats regarding No Labels?

Democrats are worried that No Labels could draw votes away from Joe Biden without necessarily affecting Donald Trump’s voter base, potentially impacting Biden’s chances of winning the election.

What actions have Democrats taken to counter No Labels in Arizona?

The state Democratic Party sued Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, attempting to prevent No Labels from appearing on the ballot. However, the lawsuit was unsuccessful. Democrats are now pressuring Fontes to compel No Labels to disclose its donors.

Has No Labels faced any legal challenges?

Yes, No Labels is facing potential legal action from Secretary of State Adrian Fontes for failing to register under the state’s campaign finance law. His decision is expected to be challenged in court.

How do supporters of No Labels justify its existence?

Supporters argue that the political climate in 2024 is unique, with voters from both major parties seeking alternatives due to dissatisfaction with Washington’s turmoil.

What demographics make up No Labels’ membership in Arizona?

No Labels’ membership in Arizona includes a significant number of former independent voters, as well as individuals from the two major parties. A majority of members are under the age of 35.

When will No Labels decide whether to run a candidate for the election?

No Labels plans to make a decision about running a candidate after the Super Tuesday primaries in March, with a potential nomination at a convention in April.

Who are some notable figures associated with No Labels?

No Labels has ties to moderates from both major parties, including Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, former independent Sen. Joe Lieberman, former Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman, and Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

How does No Labels plan to select its candidate?

No Labels has not yet disclosed its candidate selection process but hopes to publish a plan in the near future. They believe that head-to-head polling at this stage would be meaningless, as many voters are unfamiliar with the No Labels candidate.

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2020ElectionWatcher September 21, 2023 - 11:16 pm

2020 was close, every vote counts. Dems dont want spoiler again!

AZDemocrat2024 September 22, 2023 - 7:27 am

Dems tried 2 stop No Labels, but no luck. Hopin Fontes will reveal donors.


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