March Madness is almost here! Here’s a quick look at what’s important to know about NCAA Tournament and some of the most exciting games that will be happening ahead of Selection Sunday. Plus, we’ll talk about which teams are “on the bubble” and need to prove themselves. Happy March Madness everyone!

“Hit the Road for The Best Basketball Tournaments Around!”

This week, people will be keeping an eye on all the different basketball tournaments. The ACC Tournament is in Greensboro, North Carolina from March 7 to 11. For the Big 12 Tournament they’ll be in Kansas City, Missouri during that same time. The Big Ten Tournament runs from March 8-12 and we’ll find them in Chicago. And also during those days, you can go to New York for the Big East Tournament and Las Vegas for the Pac-12 Tournament as well as Nashville, Tennessee if you want to attend the SEC Tournament going on there from March 8-12 too.

Ready, Set, Bracket! Women’s NCAA Tournament Heads to Houston in April!

On March 12 (called Selection Sunday), the brackets will be announced to decide which teams would compete in the First Four and first- and second-round games across locations such as Florida, California, New York City, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Missouri and Louisville, Kentucky. The Final Four tournaments will take place in Houston on April 1 with the championship game being held on April 3.

Hey basketball fans! The Final Four for the Women’s NCAA Tournament is going to be held in Dallas and it’ll only take us four hours of driving from Houston to get there.

Who Will Win the National Championship? FanDuel Sportsbook and AP Top 25 Weigh In!

With the regular season finished, many people are curious – who will be the winner of the national championship? According to FanDuel Sportsbook, some of the top favourites to reach the Final Four include Houston, Alabama, Kansas and Purdue. UCLA also has a good chance, according to the AP Top 25.

“Unlock Your Inner Strength

The passage I just read was filled with lots of confusing big words, but I’ll now try to simplify it in a way that makes sense for someone around the age of thirteen. Essentially, what this passage is saying is that even though things can sometimes look hard or difficult, it’s possible to find the courage and strength within ourselves to continue going and try our best. Even if we don’t succeed at first, with perseverance and determination it’s possible to overcome obstacles and reach our goals!

Thirteen teams have already qualified to join the dance! These are Kennesaw State, UNC Asheville, Fairleigh Dickinson, Drake, Furman, Louisiana-Lafayette, Southeast Missouri State, Gonzaga , College of Charleston, Oral Roberts , Texas A&M-Corpus Christi , Montana State and Northern Kentucky. All these teams have won their respective leagues and now they are ready to compete in ‘the dance’.

Jockeying for the NCAA Tournaments

Arizona State (22-12, 11-9 Pac-12) had the chance to better their odds of making it into the NCAA Tournaments by defeating their rivals Arizona for a second time in this season. Sadly, they lost 78-59 in the Pac-12 Tournament semi’s, but despite the loss, they should still have good chances because they conquered Southern California in the last quarterfinals.

Oklahoma State used to have a good chance of making it in the NCAA Tournament. But, after losing six games out of their last 8 and getting knocked out by Texas in the Big 12 Tournament, their hopes may be dashed.

The Clemson Tigers’ basketball team had a good season with 23 wins and 14 out of 15 conference games. Unfortunately, the tigers lost in the ACC tournament semifinals against No.13 Virginia by 20 points which means they won’t get any extra points on the scoreboard for their season results.

The Friars had a really good season, with 21 wins and 11 losses in the Big East conference. But, near the end of the season they lost three games in a row. That might make Selection Sunday (the day when teams find out if they have made it into the playoffs) stressful for them as their resume is quite impressive but still uncertain because of their recent losses. Yet, there’s still hope that even after losing to UConn (a team ranked no. 11) after making an incredible comeback during the Big East tournament quarterfinals, they may still get selected for the playoffs!

Three Powerhouse Conferences Face off in March Madness Championship Games!

The Big Ten Tournament championship game is being played at 3:30 p.m in Chicago, the Ivy League Tournament championship game is starting at noon in Princeton, New Jersey and the Southeastern Conference Tournament championship game is beginning at 1 p.m in Nashville. For more information relating to March Madness coverage check out these links – https://apnews.com/hub/march-madness, a bracket of teams -https://apnews.com/hub/ncaa-mens-bracket and the AP Top 25 college basketball poll -https://apnews.com/hub

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