Bronny James makes college debut for USC nearly 5 months after cardiac arrest

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Bronny James USC Debut

Bronny James marked his first appearance in a college basketball game for the University of Southern California (USC) this Sunday. His entry into the game came almost five months following a cardiac arrest incident. As a substitute, James joined the game around seven minutes into the opening half. His entrance was met with applause and standing ovations from some attendees at the Galen Center. His initial attempt at a three-pointer was unsuccessful. Earlier, he had successfully deflected the ball from an opponent from Long Beach State, though it was eventually recovered by the opposing team. This play concluded with a shot-clock violation against Long Beach State.

LeBron James, his father, made a timely appearance just before the national anthem and acknowledged his son with a pat as he made his way to his reserved seat at courtside.

Before the game started, James participated in the on-court warmups with his team, donning a white USC t-shirt and red sweatpants. He practiced various jump shots, capturing the attention of numerous photographers lined up along the baseline.

The excitement was palpable outside the Galen Center, with students forming queues along one side of the building and extending down a nearby street in anticipation of entry.

In his first game, James played under a restricted number of minutes. He managed to secure a rebound during his initial three minutes on the court.

James’ cardiac arrest on July 20, which occurred during a training session at the Galen Center, was later attributed to a congenital heart condition that was deemed treatable.

Following medical clearance from his doctors and the medical team at USC, James was recently allowed to engage in full-contact practice sessions. Prior to this, his activities were confined to solo exercises involving weight training, cardiovascular workouts, and shooting practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bronny James USC Debut

When did Bronny James make his college debut for USC?

Bronny James made his college debut for the University of Southern California (USC) on a Sunday, nearly five months after recovering from a cardiac arrest.

What was notable about Bronny James’ entry into the game?

Bronny James entered the game as a substitute about seven minutes into the first half, and his entry was met with standing ovations and applause from the crowd at Galen Center.

How did LeBron James show support during Bronny’s debut?

LeBron James arrived just before the national anthem and acknowledged his son, Bronny, with a pat as he walked to his courtside seat.

What restrictions were placed on Bronny James during his debut?

Bronny James was on a minutes restriction during his debut game, playing a limited amount of time on the court.

What led to Bronny James’ cardiac arrest in July?

Bronny James suffered cardiac arrest on July 20 during a workout at Galen Center, which was later attributed to a congenital heart defect that is treatable.

What were Bronny James’ activities prior to being cleared for full-contact practice?

Before being cleared for full-contact practice, Bronny James was limited to solo exercises, including weight training, cardiovascular workouts, and shooting practice.

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