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Politics is a set of activities associated with the governance of a country, state, or area. It involves making decisions that apply to members of a group and includes the use of power and authority to manage resources within an organization. Politics can involve conflict between individuals, groups or organizations as well as compromise among them in order to achieve their goals.

The term politics comes from the Greek word “polis” which means city-state; it has been used since ancient times when states were small autonomous units composed of citizens who had access to political decision-making processes. In modern societies, however, politics typically refers more broadly to public policy issues related to government and its institutions such as taxation laws, health care systems and military forces. Political discussion may be focused on current affairs but can also address issues such as economic development strategies or trade agreements between countries.

Political science is an academic discipline that studies politics by examining how governments work at all levels (local/municipal through international) along with related topics like economics, social sciences and law enforcement practices.. Research methods vary widely depending on what type of analysis approach one takes: empirical research looks for patterns in data while theoretical approaches seek deeper understanding into underlying principles governing behavior over time . Additionally surveys are often conducted among populations affected by policies so researchers can better understand public opinion about specific matters being studied .
In most nations today there exists some form democracy where elected representatives make many political decisions on behalf of their constituents either directly or indirectly via legislation passed by legislatures made up those same representatives; these appointed officials have varying roles depending upon nation’s particular system . However even though democracies provide greater opportunities for citizen participation than other forms government they still lack perfect representation because not everyone agrees with every decision made leadership bodies including presidents prime ministers etcetera — thus alternative models like direct democracy autocracy monarchy oligarchy socialism communism anarchism exist various degrees popularity around world regardless whether they themselves operate under democratic framework

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