Marjorie Taylor Greene targeted by failed Christmas swatting attempt

by Ethan Kim
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Swatting Attempt

Republican U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene experienced a swatting incident at her residence in Georgia on Christmas morning, according to both the congresswoman and local law enforcement officials. This marks yet another occurrence of individuals making false emergency calls with the intent of summoning armed officers or SWAT teams to her home.

The Rome Police Department swiftly confirmed that the call was a hoax and refrained from dispatching officers to her residence, as stated by department spokesperson Kelly Madden.

Greene shared her frustration on X, formerly Twitter, stating, “I was just swatted. This is like the 8th time. On Christmas with my family here. My local police are the GREATEST and shouldn’t have to deal with this.”

The incident involved a man in New York who called the Georgia suicide hotline shortly before 11 a.m. on Monday, falsely claiming that he had shot his girlfriend at Greene’s residence and was planning to harm himself next. Suicide hotline responders promptly transferred the call to the police upon recognizing the address of the Georgia congresswoman.

The police department, upon confirming Greene’s safety and the absence of any genuine emergency, labeled the call as a swatting attempt and canceled their response while en route. According to Madden, “Her security detail had it all under control, and there actually was nothing going on.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene, representing Rome, Dalton, and Calhoun in northwest Georgia, has been a controversial figure. During her first term, she had her committee assignments revoked by the former House Democratic majority due to racist remarks, her promotion of conspiracy theories, and her past endorsement of violence against Democratic officials. However, she has since gained more influence under the current Republican House leadership, maintaining her position as a far-right firebrand.

Greene’s claim of being targeted in approximately eight swatting attempts was confirmed as accurate by Madden. Previous false calls had reported the discovery of deceased individuals in various parts of her home, which is located approximately 70 miles northwest of Atlanta. False reports of shootings outside her residence also prompted police responses last year.

The police department has developed a close working relationship with Greene’s security detail following these prior incidents, enabling them to better assess the level of threat. The criminal investigations division is currently working to identify the caller from Monday’s incident and build a case, as stated by Madden.

In a related incident, Republican Representative Brandon Williams revealed that he, too, was targeted by a swatting attempt on Christmas Day. The Cayuga County Sheriff’s office received a false report of a shooting at his central New York residence and sent officers to confirm the absence of any immediate danger. Sheriff Brian Schenck had not yet responded to phone messages for further details at the time of this report.

Williams shared his experience, saying, “Our home was swatted this afternoon. Thanks to the Deputies and Troopers who contacted me before arriving. They left with homemade cookies and spiced nuts! Merry Christmas everyone!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Swatting Incidents

What is swatting?

Swatting is a dangerous prank or harassment tactic where someone makes a false emergency call, often claiming a violent incident at a specific location, with the intention of having a SWAT team or armed officers dispatched to the target’s home.

Who was the target of the swatting attempts on Christmas Day?

Republican U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia and Republican Representative Brandon Williams in central New York were both targets of swatting attempts on Christmas Day.

How did the authorities respond to these incidents?

In both cases, the police quickly verified the calls as hoaxes and did not send officers to the targeted residences. They confirmed the safety of the individuals involved and canceled their responses.

Why were these swatting attempts made?

The motivations behind swatting attempts can vary, but they often involve harassment, pranks, or attempts to create panic and disruption. The precise motives of the individuals responsible for these incidents are still under investigation.

Have there been previous swatting attempts against Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Yes, Marjorie Taylor Greene has stated that she has been the target of roughly eight swatting attempts in the past. These incidents have ranged from false reports of shootings to the discovery of fake dead bodies in her home.

What consequences can swatting have?

Swatting can have serious consequences, including wasting law enforcement resources, putting innocent lives at risk, and legal penalties for the perpetrators if they are identified and prosecuted.

Is there an ongoing investigation into these swatting attempts?

Yes, the police are actively investigating these swatting incidents to identify the individuals responsible and build a case against them.

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