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Indictments are formal charges issued by a grand jury or other prosecutor. They may be used to bring criminal proceedings against individuals, businesses and organizations for alleged violations of the law. In some cases, an indictment is required before any trial can take place; in others, it serves as evidence that there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed.

In most common law countries such as the United States, indictments must be returned by a grand jury when serious crimes have allegedly been committed—though not all felony offenses require them: some states allow prosecutors to file information directly with the court without going through a grand jury process. The requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction concerning what type of offense requires an indictment instead of (or in addition to) filing “information” with the court directly; however, both documents serve essentially similar purposes: they set forth facts sufficient enough for someone accused of committing a crime/offense (“the defendant”) to answer at trial. Generally speaking though if no indictment was obtained then usually no criminal prosecution will follow unless new evidence becomes available or additional witnesses come forward which could result in later charges being brought against those involved even after initial proceedings had concluded due to insufficient evidence leading up-to such conclusion(s).

The main purpose behind requiring indictments for major crimes is so that people cannot simply be arrested on suspicion alone but rather need strong presumptive proof presented before any legal action takes effect thus providing defendants more protection under their constitutional rights – particularly fourth amendment right protecting citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures without warrants being firstly issued based upon probable cause shown beforehand via presentation of reliable testimony & collective reasoning exercised within closed chambers amongst members comprising juries tasked with making these determinations who are also sworn keep details pertaining thereto confidential until time arrives where deliberations end and verdict emerges either publicly revealed (if guilty) or otherwise buried away forevermore never again seeing light day should innocence prevail throughout aforesaid process followed thereafter….

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