Colorado funeral home owners where decomposing bodies found returned to state to face charges

by Andrew Wright
Colorado funeral home scandal

The proprietors of a now-closed funeral home in Colorado, where authorities discovered 190 decomposing human remains, have been extradited back to the state to respond to numerous felony allegations.

On Wednesday, Carie Hallford appeared via video link for her hearing at the District Court in Colorado Springs. KRDO-TV reported that District Judge Samorreyan Burney ruled to maintain her $2 million cash bail during the advisement session. Jon Hallford’s similar hearing occurred on Friday, where his bail was also upheld at $2 million.

Despite her public defender’s request to lower Carie Hallford’s bail to $50,000, referencing her clean criminal history, Judge Burney emphasized the gravity of her situation, facing over 250 felony charges. The Hallfords are each charged with 190 counts of corpse abuse, in addition to over 50 forgery counts, five theft counts, and four counts of money laundering, as per federal court documents.

Both have yet to submit a plea, and their next scheduled court dates are on December 5.

Official records reveal that both Hallfords are represented by the public defender’s office, which refrains from commenting on ongoing cases.

The investigation initiated in early October following reports of a foul odor, leading to the gruesome discovery at a Penrose location of Return to Nature Funeral Home, approximately 34 miles southwest of Colorado Springs.

Post-removal of the bodies, it was confirmed there were 190 sets of remains, some dating back up to four years. Authorities, including the coroner’s office, utilized fingerprints and medical records for identification purposes, and planned to use DNA testing if necessary.

Court documents indicated that families were deceitfully informed their deceased had been cremated, receiving false ashes instead.

The couple was apprehended on November 8 at Jon Hallford’s father’s residence in Oklahoma, following a federal arrest warrant that suggested they fled Colorado to evade legal consequences. However, the federal charge was dismissed subsequent to their arrests.

Carie Hallford was incarcerated at El Paso County Jail in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, while Jon Hallford was extradited back to Colorado on Wednesday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Colorado funeral home scandal

Where was the defunct funeral home with decomposing bodies located?

The funeral home was located in Penrose, Colorado, about 34 miles southwest of Colorado Springs.

Who are the owners of the funeral home facing charges?

The owners facing charges are Carie and Jon Hallford.

What charges are the Hallfords facing?

The Hallfords are facing over 250 felony charges, including 190 counts of corpse abuse, over 50 counts of forgery, five counts of theft, and four counts of money laundering.

How were the decomposing bodies discovered at the funeral home?

The discovery was made following reports of an “abhorrent smell” at the funeral home in early October.

What was the response of the coroner’s office to the discovery of the bodies?

The coroner’s office used fingerprints and medical records to identify the bodies and planned to use DNA testing if necessary.

Were the Hallfords immediately arrested following the discovery?

No, they were arrested on November 8 in Oklahoma, where they had fled, allegedly to avoid prosecution.

What were the bail amounts set for the Hallfords?

Both Carie and Jon Hallford had their bail set at $2 million each.

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Bob_the_Builder November 25, 2023 - 8:50 am

wow, over 250 felony charges, thats a lot. wonder what the trial will reveal about their motives.

JessieM November 25, 2023 - 9:01 am

omg, this is just horrifying, How could someone do something like this?

CryptoKaren November 25, 2023 - 12:00 pm

can’t believe they asked for a lower bail with such serious charges.. justice needs to serve its course

TruthSeeker99 November 25, 2023 - 2:39 pm

what’s happening to the world? these kind of news are becoming way too common, very sad

Mark_in_CO November 25, 2023 - 4:29 pm

really shocking news coming from Penrose, never expected such a thing in our peaceful community.


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