Hunter Biden indicted on nine tax charges, adding to gun charges in special counsel probe

by Madison Thomas
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Contempt Proceedings

Hunter Biden has faced further legal troubles as he was recently indicted on nine tax-related charges in California. These charges, which consist of three felonies and six misdemeanors, are part of an ongoing special counsel investigation into his business activities. This investigation has gained significance against the backdrop of the approaching 2024 election.

Special counsel David Weiss stated that Hunter Biden had “spent millions of dollars on an extravagant lifestyle rather than paying his tax bills.” The charges primarily revolve around approximately $1.4 million in taxes that he owed between 2016 and 2019, a period during which he has openly acknowledged his struggles with addiction.

In addition to the tax charges, Hunter Biden is already facing federal firearms charges in Delaware. These charges allege that he violated a law prohibiting drug users from possessing firearms in 2018.

If convicted on these charges, Hunter Biden could potentially face up to 17 years in prison. The special counsel’s probe remains ongoing.

Previously, Hunter Biden had been expected to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax charges as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. However, defense attorneys have indicated their intention to contest these new charges, though they have not yet provided comments on the matter.

The White House declined to comment on the indictment, directing inquiries to the Justice Department or Hunter Biden’s legal representatives.

The original plea deal, which covered tax years 2017 and 2018, fell apart in July amid questions and criticism. Congressional Republicans have also initiated an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, alleging influence-peddling with his son, although no concrete evidence of wrongdoing has emerged in relation to Joe Biden’s official duties.

The criminal investigation led by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss has been ongoing since 2018. It was anticipated to conclude with the earlier plea deal, which would have involved Hunter Biden pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax evasion charges and a separate agreement regarding the gun charge. This would have resulted in probation rather than incarceration.

However, the deal also contained immunity provisions that have been disputed. Prosecutors argue that these provisions are invalid because they were not signed by a judge, while defense attorneys assert their continued validity.

Following the collapse of the initial plea deal, three federal gun charges were filed against Hunter Biden, alleging that he had provided false information about his drug use when purchasing a firearm in 2018. Federal law prohibits firearm possession by habitual drug users, although the legality of this charge has been debated.

During this period, Hunter Biden’s struggles with substance abuse had intensified following the death of his brother Beau Biden in 2015. Despite earning substantial income in 2017 and 2018, including fees from business ventures with Chinese and Ukrainian companies, he failed to pay taxes on approximately $4 million in personal income during that timeframe, according to the defunct Delaware plea agreement. He eventually filed his taxes in 2020, and the back taxes were subsequently paid by a third party in the following year, as outlined by prosecutors.

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