Thirteen Detained Following Anti-Immigrant March in Cyprus, Resulting in Arson and Property Damage

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Authorities in Cyprus have apprehended thirteen individuals in the aftermath of an anti-immigrant demonstration that escalated into violence, as protesters vandalized storefronts and set ablaze multiple trash bins in the coastal resort city of Limassol. The incident, which transpired on Friday night, involved approximately five hundred demonstrators partaking in the march.

Disturbingly, several individuals reported instances of assault during the demonstration, leading to their hospitalization for treatment. However, they were subsequently discharged from medical care. The police have not only arrested those responsible for the chaos but have also apprehended the purported organizer of the march.

Amateur video footage disseminated through local news outlets and online platforms captured the extent of the damage caused during the event. The footage showcased damaged storefronts, the smoldering debris of trash bins in the streets, and a group of participants chanting anti-immigrant slogans.

This incident unfolded merely four days subsequent to an episode in which a group of Greek Cypriots, concealing their identities with hoods and wielding bats, attempted to assault Syrian protesters in a small village already fraught with tensions between the native population and migrants.

In relation to the earlier event, law enforcement had taken into custody at least twenty-four individuals connected to the violence that erupted in the southeastern village of Chloraka. The area had been a focal point of confrontations, as roughly two hundred and fifty Syrian migrants and an equivalent number of Greek Cypriots engaged in parallel protests that regrettably escalated into clashes.

The underlying tensions have been exacerbated by the substantial influx of migrants into the East Mediterranean island nation, straining the capacity of the local authorities to manage the situation effectively. Official reports indicate that migrants now constitute approximately 6% of the nation’s population, a figure that significantly surpasses the average proportion found in other member nations of the European Union.

In response to the recent violence, Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides decried the “images of shame” that had emerged, characterizing the perpetrators as petty criminals devoid of any genuine connection to the migration issue. He emphasized the need to distinguish between the acts of violence and the broader immigration situation. Christodoulides urged that if these individuals truly cared for their country, they would not have perpetrated actions that cast a dark shadow upon it.

President Christodoulides also revealed that over the past six months, the government had managed to curtail the number of migrant arrivals significantly and expedited asylum applications, demonstrating an 80% improvement in the process. Additionally, the government has pledged support to the affected store owners and has scheduled a meeting with law enforcement officials to analyze the details of the march.

Furthermore, another demonstration, this time advocating for immigrants, is scheduled to take place on Saturday evening.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Anti-immigrant protest

What happened during the anti-immigrant march in Cyprus?

During the anti-immigrant march in Cyprus, a mob engaged in violence by damaging storefronts and setting trash bins on fire. The incident took place in the coastal city of Limassol. Thirteen individuals were arrested in connection with the incident.

Were there any casualties or injuries during the march?

Yes, five people reported being assaulted during the march. They were later treated in a hospital and released.

What was the scale of the demonstration?

Approximately 500 demonstrators participated in the anti-immigrant march in Limassol.

Was anyone arrested in connection with organizing the march?

Yes, one of those arrested was the alleged organizer of the anti-immigrant march.

Was this incident related to any previous conflicts?

Yes, just a few days earlier, tensions had risen in a village where Greek Cypriots attempted to attack protesting Syrians. The village, Chloraka, had seen clashes between locals and migrants.

How have authorities been addressing the migrant situation in Cyprus?

Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides mentioned that in the last six months, the government managed to reduce migrant arrivals significantly, expedite asylum applications, and increase repatriations by approximately 80%.

What was the President’s response to the violence?

President Christodoulides condemned the violence and referred to it as “images of shame.” He emphasized that the acts were unrelated to the migration issue and expressed his disappointment in those who brought shame upon the country.

Are there more demonstrations planned?

Yes, another demonstration, this time in support of immigrants, is scheduled to take place in the near future.

How has the influx of migrants affected Cyprus?

Migrants make up about 6% of Cyprus’ population, a proportion significantly higher than the average in other European Union member nations. This influx has led to tensions and challenges for the local authorities.

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