Prosecutors push back against Hunter Biden’s move to subpoena Trump documents in gun case

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Hunter Biden Subpoena Case

Prosecutors on Monday opposed Hunter Biden’s attempt to issue subpoenas for documents from Donald Trump and former Justice Department officials related to his firearm case. They contend that Hunter Biden lacks sufficient evidence to justify his claims of potential political influence in the investigation against him, urging the court to deny his subpoena requests.

Prosecutor Leo Wise, in legal filings, asserted that Hunter Biden’s allegations and subpoenas target potentially inadmissible and overly broad documents. These documents pertain to the actions and motivations of individuals who were not involved in the prosecutorial decisions in his case.


Hunter Biden faces charges for violating laws that prohibit drug users from possessing firearms, stemming from his purchase and possession of a handgun for approximately 11 days in 2018. He has entered a plea of not guilty.

Key developments in the case include:

  • Calls from House Republicans for a private deposition of Hunter Biden, which he has declined, labeling the investigation a “fishing expedition.”
  • An assertive strategy adopted by his legal team in recent times.
  • An exploration of lesser-known elements of the criminal justice system within the case.
  • Efforts by Republicans to initiate an impeachment inquiry linking the President to his son’s business activities.

The tax and firearm purchase probe into Hunter Biden began in 2018 during Trump’s presidency. However, charges were only filed this year, under the presidency of his father. Wise referred to this timing as an “inconvenient truth” that weakens the defense’s stance.

The subpoena request is currently under review by U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers have claimed instances of alleged undue and partisan pressure by Trump on his then-Attorney General William Barr and two senior deputies, Jeffrey Rosen and Richard Donoghue. These claims are supported by Trump’s public remarks, information from the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack, and revelations from a book by Barr.

The allegations against Hunter Biden involve breaking laws against drug users owning guns in 2018. He maintains his innocence, and the case is progressing towards a potential 2024 trial, coinciding with his father’s reelection campaign.

Previously, the case seemed to be moving towards a plea agreement regarding tax and gun charges. However, this agreement fell apart after Judge Noreika, appointed by Trump, questioned it during a plea hearing. While no new tax charges have been filed, the special counsel overseeing the case has suggested that they might be forthcoming in California, where Hunter Biden resides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hunter Biden Subpoena Case

What is the Current Status of Hunter Biden’s Gun Case?

Hunter Biden faces charges for violating gun laws as a drug user. He pleaded not guilty, and his case is progressing towards a potential trial in 2024. Recently, his subpoena request for documents from Donald Trump and former Justice Department officials was challenged by prosecutors, who argue there’s insufficient evidence of political interference in his case.

Why Did Hunter Biden’s Legal Team Subpoena Donald Trump’s Documents?

Hunter Biden’s legal team subpoenaed documents from Donald Trump and former Justice Department officials, alleging political pressure and interference in the criminal investigation against Hunter Biden. They cite Trump’s public comments, information from the House panel on the Jan. 6 attack, and content from a book by former Attorney General William Barr as evidence.

What Are the Key Developments in Hunter Biden’s Case?

Key developments include Hunter Biden’s refusal to appear for a closed-door deposition requested by House Republicans, an assertive approach by his legal team, and ongoing Republican efforts to link President Biden to his son’s business dealings. The case also highlights certain aspects of the criminal justice system.

How Have Prosecutors Responded to Hunter Biden’s Subpoena Requests?

Prosecutors opposed Hunter Biden’s subpoena requests, stating that he lacks enough evidence for claims of political interference. They argued that the requested documents, which concern actions and motives of individuals not directly involved in the decision-making of his case, are likely inadmissible and too broad.

What is the Significance of the Timing of Charges Against Hunter Biden?

The investigation began in 2018 under Trump’s presidency, but charges were filed in 2021 during Biden’s presidency. Prosecutor Leo Wise called this an “inconvenient truth” that undermines Hunter Biden’s defense, which alleges political motives behind the charges.

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