Dubai’s Latest Trend: A Bar Serving Mineral-Infused ‘Gourmet Water’ Tailored to Your Mood

by Michael Nguyen
Gourmet Water Bar Dubai

From banana-randomberry-wheat grass smoothies and triple-shot, cold brew lattes to hand-crafted German brews and small-batch Prohibition cocktails, the bar scene has seen its share of trends. Now, Dubai’s latest addition to the mix is a bar serving what they’re calling “gourmet water” – in thirty different varieties, no less.

The Aqua Water Bar, an initiative by Luqel, sources its water in a traditional manner – straight from the tap. Despite tap water being safe to drink and meeting international standards as per governmental regulations, many Dubai residents opt for bottled water. Here’s where Aqua Water Bar’s unique proposition comes into play.

Utilizing a micro-dosing system developed by the German water filtration company Luqel, the bar enriches tap water with minerals, aiming to emulate the mineral profiles of various high-end water brands. They cater to a broad range of preferences, whether one favors water sourced from the Alps or the Arctic.

“Designed to cater to your needs and mood, our water sommeliers will give you the perfect mineralized recipe,” assures Roia Jabari, the managing director of Aqua Water Bar. They offer blends like “Runners Heaven” high in sodium and potassium, ideal for joggers recovering from Dubai’s extreme heat, or “Vegan’s Choice”, providing minerals that could be missing from a vegan diet.

Although this isn’t a completely fresh concept – water companies have been marketing natural spring or mountain water for a while – it’s still relatively unusual to find a bar specifically dedicated to water. Moreover, while beverages like Evian and Perrier blurred the lines between water and soda, consumer’s increasing desire for healthy lifestyle choices have made such products increasingly popular.

Dubai, the epitome of modernity, might just be the perfect environment for this trend. Despite being a Muslim-majority country where alcohol is less consumed, the United Arab Emirates attracts affluent, fitness-aware individuals who are often the key demographics for the wellness industry.

Jabari stresses that the bar isn’t just for the wealthy – the water, costing 2 dirhams (around 54 U.S. cents) per 500 ml, is affordable. The bar also champions sustainability by encouraging customers to refill their bottles or buy reusable ones starting at $2.50.

Initial reactions are promising, with the bar receiving a Google rating of 4.6 stars from about a dozen reviews. Jabari, a San Diego-born interior designer who has lived in the UAE for 24 years, designed the water-themed bar herself, also serving Persian cuisine as a tribute to her roots.

Looking towards the future, Jabari is optimistic about expanding, especially in Dubai’s thirsty neighboring regions. “Saudi Arabia is a huge market for us. I believe that Abu Dhabi is our next step,” she shared.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gourmet Water Bar Dubai

What is the Aqua Water Bar?

Aqua Water Bar is a new establishment in Dubai, run by Luqel, which offers ‘gourmet water’. They serve thirty different varieties of water, each infused with minerals to match the customers’ mood and needs.

Where does Aqua Water Bar source its water?

Aqua Water Bar sources its water directly from the tap. This tap water is safe to drink and meets international standards.

How does Aqua Water Bar mineralize its water?

Aqua Water Bar uses a micro-dosing system designed by the German water filtration company, Luqel, to enrich tap water with minerals. They aim to match the mineralization of various high-end water brands.

How much does the water at Aqua Water Bar cost?

The water at Aqua Water Bar costs around 2 dirhams (approximately 54 U.S. cents) per 500 milliliters (around 16.9 fluid ounces).

What is the significance of Aqua Water Bar in Dubai’s wellness scene?

As a city that attracts health-conscious individuals, Dubai is an apt location for Aqua Water Bar. The establishment not only caters to the wellness trend, but also emphasizes sustainability by offering reusable bottles and promoting the refilling of water bottles.

Is the Aqua Water Bar planning to expand?

Yes, Roia Jabari, the managing director, has expressed an interest in expanding, particularly into thirsty neighboring regions. She sees Saudi Arabia as a huge potential market and believes that Abu Dhabi could be their next step.

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JadedTraveler July 15, 2023 - 11:46 am

lol are u kidding me? Paying for tap water in a bar. Only in Dubai guys, only in Dubai…

Vegan4Life July 16, 2023 - 2:22 am

So they have Vegan’s choice huh? Sounds interesting, might just have to give this a try when I make it to Dubai someday.

WaterBuff July 16, 2023 - 2:47 am

I am a total water nerd and this is like my dream come true! Wish we had something like this back home in the States. Who knew H2O could be so fascinating?!

ChrisTheExplorer July 16, 2023 - 3:46 am

Man this sounds super cool, i mean water sommeliers? And all the way in Dubai! Gotta chk this out next time i’m there.


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