Missing pregnant Texas teen and her boyfriend found dead in a car in San Antonio

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Missing Pregnant Teen

A missing pregnant teenager from Texas and her boyfriend were discovered deceased inside a parked vehicle in San Antonio on Tuesday. The authorities believe they may have been in the car for several days.

The individuals in question are identified as Savanah Nicole Soto, 18 years old, and Matthew Guerra, 22 years old. The initial missing persons report was filed by the Leon Valley police, located a few miles northwest of the San Antonio suburb.

The bodies were found within a Kia Optima, which matched the description of the boyfriend’s vehicle. Police Chief William P. McManus, during a news conference, refrained from disclosing the identities of the deceased until confirmation by the medical examiner, but it is presumed to be the missing couple.

Details surrounding the incident remain limited, and Chief McManus did not confirm whether a weapon was discovered within the vehicle. He characterized the crime scene as “perplexing” and stated that detectives are treating it as a potential murder due to its complexity. However, definitive conclusions are pending further investigation.

The grim discovery occurred on Tuesday afternoon when an individual noticed the car parked in the lot of an apartment complex in San Antonio and alerted the family. Subsequently, the family contacted the authorities.

Savanah Soto was overdue by a week for her delivery and had a scheduled induced labor at a hospital set for the previous Saturday night, as informed by her family to local station KENS-TV. Her mother, Gloria Cordova, revealed that she last communicated with her daughter on Friday afternoon and received no response when she attempted to visit her Leon Valley apartment on Saturday.

Leon Valley police initiated a CLEAR Alert for Soto on Monday and later reported her boyfriend as missing as well. On Christmas night, Soto’s family organized a search in the vicinity of her apartment. Gloria Cordova, Soto’s mother, expressed her heartbreak, noting that her daughter was filled with joy about becoming a mother.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Missing Pregnant Teen

What were the names of the individuals found dead in the parked car in San Antonio?

Savanah Nicole Soto, an 18-year-old pregnant teenager, and Matthew Guerra, her 22-year-old boyfriend, were the individuals discovered deceased in the car.

Where were the bodies found?

The bodies were found inside a parked Kia Optima in the parking lot of an apartment complex in San Antonio.

What led to the discovery of the bodies?

A concerned individual who spotted the car in the apartment complex’s parking lot alerted the family, leading to the discovery of the bodies. The family subsequently contacted the authorities.

What was the status of Savanah Soto’s pregnancy?

Savanah Soto was a week overdue to deliver and had a scheduled induced labor at a hospital set for the previous Saturday night.

Did the authorities confirm the cause of death?

As of now, the authorities have not confirmed the cause of death. The case is being treated as a potential murder, pending further investigation.

When and by whom were they reported missing?

The Leon Valley police reported Savanah Soto as missing, and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, was reported missing later. A CLEAR Alert for Soto was issued on Monday.

Were there any signs of foul play?

The authorities have not provided specific details about signs of foul play or whether a weapon was found in the car. The case is still under investigation.

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JohnDoe23 December 28, 2023 - 12:14 am

sad news, those 2 ppl found ded in san antonio. who dey were? y did dis happn? no weapn? so scary.


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