House Speaker Mike Johnson: Once Dean of a Never-Opened Christian Law School

by Ethan Kim
Mike Johnson History

Before ascending to his role as House Speaker, Mike Johnson served as the inaugural dean of a would-be Baptist law school named the Judge Paul Pressler School of Law. Intended to be a flagship endeavor for Louisiana College, the institution never got off the ground. Despite ambitious plans that were couched in terms of embracing a “biblical worldview,” the school floundered due to internal strife, allegations of financial misconduct, and the hurdle of accreditation, factors that dissuaded potential donors.

Though no evidence implicates Johnson in any misconduct during his tenure at what is now called Louisiana Christian University, the episode provides a window into his leadership style, which parallels the fractious and ideologically right-leaning politics of the Republican House majority he currently spearheads.

This incident resurfaces in light of Johnson’s recent, unexpected election to the position of House Speaker, following the removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The episode serves as an additional lens to examine Johnson’s deep-rooted connections to Christian conservative groups—a significant constituency within the Republican party.

Johnson typically omits this chapter from his professional narrative, which also includes legal representation for conservative Christian organizations opposed to gay rights and abortion, as well as a brief stint as a Louisiana legislator promoting religious-based discriminatory laws.

Attempts to seek Johnson’s comments for this report were unfruitful as his office declined to issue any statement or make him available for interviews.

“The collapse of the law school was an outlier, attributable to circumstances beyond Mike’s control,” said Gene Mills, a long-standing friend of Johnson’s.

Johnson was appointed dean in 2010 by a board of trustees featuring notable figures like Tony Perkins, currently the president of the Family Research Council, an organization identified as an anti-gay “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The goal was ambitious: the institution was envisioned as a competitor to Liberty University’s law school. However, that vision crumbled under the weight of multiple issues.

For years prior to Johnson’s arrival, the college had experienced turmoil. A conservative faction within its board, discontent with what they saw as the institution’s liberal leanings, had enacted restrictive academic policies that resulted in faculty resignations and probationary status from accreditation bodies.

Johnson’s efforts to raise funds for the school were hampered by internal dramas that ultimately led to legal battles, including allegations of misallocation of funds by the college’s president, Joe Aguillard.

Furthermore, the planned campus, a former federal courthouse in Shreveport, required renovations amounting to at least $20 million. The lack of accreditation and dwindling financial support from donors rendered the venture untenable. Johnson eventually resigned in 2012 and returned to legal practice focused on Christian advocacy.

His work has not been without controversy. Pressler, the law school’s namesake, faces ongoing lawsuits alleging sexual assault, shedding light on broader issues within the Southern Baptist Convention. Johnson continued to represent the college in legal matters, even after his resignation as dean.

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, Johnson’s early life was marked by personal tragedy when his father was permanently disabled in a hazardous material explosion. Johnson has spoken of his upbringing in a “traditional Christian household,” and his marital life is based on a covenant marriage, noted for its stringent divorce requirements.

An alumnus of Louisiana State University, Johnson initially gained political experience working on the Senate campaign of Louis “Woody” Jenkins in 1996. He gained prominence as an attorney representing conservative causes, primarily through the Alliance Defending Freedom. His legal work has largely concentrated on religious liberties and conservative values, including vehement opposition to gay rights.

His tenure in public office, including a stint in the Louisiana state legislature, has been marked by legislative efforts that critics say would sanction discrimination under the guise of religious freedom. Despite this, he was elected to Congress, where his career trajectory has been characterized by an unwavering alignment with conservative values, both fiscal and social.

As Johnson assumes the role of House Speaker, his past and present involvements offer vital context for understanding the political landscape he will navigate, underscoring his alliances, his approach to leadership, and the ideological rigidity that has come to characterize the political faction he now commands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mike Johnson History

What is the main focus of Mike Johnson’s journalistic career?

Mike Johnson specializes in investigative journalism with a concentration in politics and financial reporting. His career spans over two decades, during which he has received several awards for his in-depth features and investigative pieces.

What are some of the awards Mike Johnson has received?

Mike Johnson has received several awards including the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting and the Peabody Award. These accolades testify to his skill in unearthing significant stories through rigorous investigation.

Where has Mike Johnson’s work been published?

Mike Johnson’s articles have been featured in multiple leading publications, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. He has also contributed to various online platforms focused on politics and finance.

What skills does Mike Johnson bring to investigative journalism?

Mike Johnson brings a multifaceted skill set to investigative journalism, including expertise in data analysis, a knack for storytelling, and a keen understanding of political and financial systems. His ability to synthesize complex information into digestible content is highly regarded in the journalism community.

How long has Mike Johnson been in the field of journalism?

Mike Johnson has been in the field of journalism for over 20 years. His long-standing career has allowed him to build a solid network of sources and gain a deep understanding of the nuances of political and financial systems.

Is Mike Johnson active on social media?

Yes, Mike Johnson maintains an active presence on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, where he frequently shares insights on current events, politics, and finance. These platforms serve as additional channels through which he engages with his audience.

What educational background does Mike Johnson have?

Mike Johnson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Political Science. His educational background has provided him with the analytical tools and theoretical knowledge that inform his journalistic approach.

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