Florida officials accused of Cutting Key Data from Vaccine Study

by Ryan Lee
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In Tampa, Florida a report was released which recommended young men should not get the COVID-19 vaccine. But a closer look at this report showed that it left out important information. This missed information suggested that if young men catch the virus, they could be more likely to have a cardiac-related death compared to getting the mRNA shot.

Last fall, a doctor named Joseph Ladapo made an advice that was different from what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. Dr. Ladapo is a Harvard-educated medical doctor and he works as the head of Florida Department of Health, appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis in 2021. People are interested in him because he disagrees with the government’s orders on COVID-19 things like vaccines, masks and other health topics.

After the Florida Department of Health researched it, earlier studies showed that if you catch COVID, it might be more dangerous for your heart than getting the vaccine. Dr. Ladapo noted that for men aged 18-39, it is better to avoid getting the mRNA vaccines due to potential risks associated with heart problems.

Matt Hitchings, a scientist from the University of Florida, said that certain parts of an analysis done about a vaccine were not included because it didn’t match what the doctor wanted to tell people. He was worried by this because he thought it would make people not trust the vaccine. He said it was a bad thing and the vaccine has helped many individuals in Florida stay healthy.

On Saturday, someone posted on Twitter that the coronavirus has changed the way scientists look at how illnesses spread, and it’s sad that people are standing up for a vaccine that could be bad for our hearts.

Last year, someone released a guideline suggesting not to give vaccinations to healthy children. This was different than the ideas of federal health experts who said that all kids should get the shots. Because of this, two organizations – American Academy of Pediatrics and its Florida chapter – issued statements saying they agree with giving eligible children over five years old COVID-19 vaccines.

Mr DeSantis, who might run for President of the United States of America (USA) from the Republican Party, asked a court to set up a group of people to look into bad behavior related to the COVID-19 vaccines. He believes drug companies wanted people to think that by getting a vaccine shot, they wouldn’t spread coronavirus to other people. The Florida Supreme Court said ‘yes’ in December last year.

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