Democratic Approval for Biden Increases Slightly Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict, AP-NORC Poll Indicates

by Madison Thomas
Biden Israel-Hamas Poll

Recent polling from The Big Big News-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research reveals a modest uptick in Democratic approval of President Joe Biden’s handling of the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This improvement aligns with a period where Biden and senior U.S. officials have shown heightened concern for civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip, advocated for an autonomous Palestinian state, and played a role in freeing hostages held by Hamas during a temporary ceasefire.

Currently, 59% of Democratic respondents endorse Biden’s approach, a slight increase from 50% in November. This level of support is comparable to the 57% approval he received in August, prior to the outbreak of the latest conflict on Oct. 7, initiated by a Hamas attack on Israel.

Despite this, the issue remains polarizing within the Democratic Party, with Biden’s performance on this specific issue lagging behind his overall presidential approval rating. Currently, 75% of Democrats view his presidency favorably, a minor rise from 69% in the previous month. Among the general U.S. adult population, his approval stands at 41%.

The outlook on the Middle East situation may change again, given the recent resurgence of conflict in Gaza, the base of Hamas operations, where Israeli strikes have led to numerous Palestinian civilian casualties.

Greg Baird, a 61-year-old print shop owner in Georgia and a Democratic voter since Trump’s presidency, believes Biden is navigating a challenging situation effectively. Baird emphasizes the importance of supporting Israel, a key regional ally.

Similarly, Ginger Sommers, a 47-year-old Democrat and restaurant owner in Arkansas, echoes Baird’s sentiment, suggesting that Biden is doing his best in the current circumstances.

In defense of his strategy, Biden has emphasized his close relationship with Israeli leaders, which he believes facilitates greater humanitarian aid to Gaza. He has also voiced concerns about Palestinian casualties and the necessity of an independent Palestinian state.

Biden’s approach involves balancing various objectives, some of which may conflict, as the Israel-Hamas hostilities persist.

A significant 67% of U.S. adults see the recovery of hostages from Hamas in Gaza as a crucial objective. This view is shared across party lines, although opinions diverge on other matters. For instance, 64% of Democrats prioritize negotiating a permanent Israel-Hamas ceasefire, compared to only 35% of Republicans. Additionally, 65% of Democrats versus 28% of Republicans view providing humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza as essential.

Contrastingly, only 28% of Democrats and 49% of Republicans deem aid to Israel’s military in its fight against Hamas as highly important.

Rocio Acosta, a 35-year-old psychiatric nurse and Democrat from Nebraska, expresses frustration over Biden’s eagerness to support Israel, advocating for non-intervention and a ceasefire.

Republicans, however, consistently critique Biden’s performance, with Michelle Harman, a 48-year-old financial analyst from New Mexico, expressing dissatisfaction with his presidency.

The poll, conducted between Nov. 30 and Dec. 4, 2023, surveyed 1,074 adults via the AmeriSpeak Panel and has a margin of error of ±4.0 percentage points for all respondents and ±6.0 points for Democrats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Biden Israel-Hamas Poll

What does the AP-NORC poll reveal about Democratic support for Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict?

The AP-NORC poll shows a slight increase in Democratic approval of President Biden’s approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict. Fifty-nine percent of Democrats approve, up from 50% in November.

How does Biden’s handling of the conflict compare to his overall approval among Democrats?

While 75% of Democrats believe Biden is performing well as president, his approval specifically for his handling of the conflict is slightly lower, at 59%.

What are the key factors influencing Democratic opinions on this issue?

The poll suggests that Democratic views on the Middle East situation are influenced by factors such as concern for civilian casualties, support for an independent Palestinian state, and efforts to free hostages held by Hamas during a temporary truce.

How do Republicans view Biden’s approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict?

Republicans generally hold a critical view of Biden’s performance across the board, including his handling of the conflict.

What are the differing opinions on key objectives in the Israel-Hamas conflict?

The poll reveals varying priorities among U.S. adults, with a consensus on the importance of recovering hostages held by Hamas. However, opinions differ on negotiating a permanent ceasefire, providing humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, and supporting Israel’s military efforts.

When was the poll conducted and what is its margin of error?

The poll was conducted from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4, 2023. It surveyed 1,074 adults and has a margin of error of ±4.0 percentage points for all respondents and ±6.0 points for Democrats.

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reader123 December 7, 2023 - 2:59 pm

oh, so Dems kinda lik biden for this israel thing, but not 100%, just 59%, up from 50%. Reps still not likin him tho.

politics_guru December 8, 2023 - 6:01 am

Conflicted feelins on Middle East stuff. Hostages important, but diff priorities. Dems say ceasefire and aid, Reps not so much.

newsjunkie December 8, 2023 - 7:51 am

poll numbers up a bit, margin of error stuff, probly means some folks still not sure bout Biden’s way with Israel-Hamas stuff.


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