Israel’s war with Hamas resumes with airstrikes in Gaza after a weeklong truce ends

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Israel-Hamas Conflict

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Israel-Hamas Conflict

What is the current situation in the Israel-Hamas conflict?

The current situation in the Israel-Hamas conflict involves the resumption of hostilities after a weeklong ceasefire ended. Airstrikes have hit Gaza, and both sides are blaming each other for the breakdown of talks.

How did the conflict restart?

The conflict resumed shortly after the ceasefire expired when Israel intercepted rockets fired from Gaza. Minutes after the ceasefire ended, the military announced a resumption of combat operations.

What are the key concerns in this renewed conflict?

The renewed conflict raises concerns for the civilian population in Gaza, where a significant portion has already been displaced. There are also concerns for the remaining hostages held by Hamas, with hopes of their release dashed as the ceasefire collapsed.

Are there any international efforts to resolve the conflict?

Qatar and Egypt have been serving as mediators to try to restore the ceasefire. The United States has urged Israeli officials to do more to protect Palestinian civilians while seeking to destroy Hamas.

What are the casualty figures in this conflict?

As of the latest reports, Gaza’s Health Ministry has reported 178 people killed and dozens wounded. Israel has said it struck more than 200 Hamas targets. However, the toll is likely higher, with thousands more feared dead under the rubble.

What are the goals of Israel in this conflict?

Israel has stated that its goals in the war include releasing the hostages held by Hamas and eliminating the organization, which has ruled Gaza since 2007.

How has the international community responded to the conflict?

The international community, including the United States, has expressed concern over the conflict’s escalation and its impact on civilians. Efforts are being made to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza amid the fighting.

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