Americans beg for help getting family out of Gaza. “I just want to see my mother again,’ a son says

by Sophia Chen
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Gaza American citizens trapped

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gaza American citizens trapped

Q: What is the current situation for American citizens in Gaza mentioned in the text?

A: American citizens and their family members are facing dire conditions and danger due to the conflict in Gaza. Some are trapped, unable to leave, while others are waiting for assistance.

Q: How many American citizens are estimated to be in Gaza according to the State Department?

A: The State Department estimates that there are approximately 300 American citizens, permanent legal residents, or their family members still trapped in Gaza.

Q: What efforts have been made to help American citizens in Gaza leave the area?

A: The U.S. State Department has assisted over 1,300 eligible individuals, including American citizens and green-card holders, in crossing from Gaza to Egypt. They are tracking an additional 300 people seeking assistance, including fewer than 50 U.S. citizens.

Q: Are there specific cases that have garnered more attention in Washington?

A: Yes, the case of Fadi Sckak’s family has received more attention due to his 24-year-old brother’s Army duty in South Korea, prompting Rep. Ro Khanna to advocate for their evacuation.

Q: Are there legal actions being taken on behalf of American citizens in Gaza?

A: Yes, immigration lawyer Maria Kari has filed a lawsuit accusing the U.S. government of failing to protect Americans in danger abroad and denying Palestinian Americans the same assistance provided to Israeli Americans.

Q: What is the main plea from American citizens and their advocates in this situation?

A: They are pleading for the Biden administration and Congress to take action and provide assistance to help American citizens and their family members leave Gaza, given the dangerous and dire conditions they are facing.

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