AP Breakthrough Entertainer: Reneé Rapp has always known what she wants — and isn’t afraid to say no

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Reneé Rapp Career

The 23-year-old artist, Reneé Rapp, has become adept at refusing lucrative offers from influential figures, a skill she honed at the age of 19 when Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels presented her with a lead role in the national touring production of “Mean Girls” musical. Despite the practical need for income to establish herself in New York and pursue her aspiration of becoming a pop star, Rapp confidently declined this opportunity, firmly believing that something better awaited her. Her self-assuredness stemmed from her upbringing, strong work ethic, and financial stability.

Rapp’s unwavering determination to become a pop star finally bore fruit with the release of her debut album, “Snow Angel,” in the present year. This marked the turning point in her career, leading to subsequent opportunities, including an offer to portray Regina George in the Broadway production of “Mean Girls.” Her initial breakthroughs in acting paved the way for her to transition into a recognized name in the entertainment industry and a critically acclaimed recording artist.

Despite her success in acting, Rapp remained resolute in her ambition to excel as a pop star, which led her to make the challenging decision of not returning as a series regular for the third season of Mindy Kaling’s “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” This strategic move aimed to solidify her identity as a pop star, aligning with her long-term plan.

Rapp’s debut album, “Snow Angel,” showcases her versatility as an artist, blending a pleasing pop sound with thought-provoking and occasionally dark lyrics. She has shifted her full focus to music, often immersing herself entirely in the creative process.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Rapp has displayed admirable vulnerability by openly discussing intimate aspects of her life, such as her bisexuality and struggles with eating disorders, in line with the transparency typical of her generation.

While she values this openness, Rapp acknowledges the challenges that come with being candid in the public eye. She frequently faces intrusive questions and discomforting inquiries about her personal life, prompting her to reflect on whether she invited such scrutiny.

Navigating the swift ascent to fame and confronting significant life changes during a pandemic has been a formidable challenge for any young adult. Nevertheless, Rapp has remained steadfast in her pursuit of her ultimate goal: becoming a pop star. Each addition to her impressive resume has been calculated, serving as stepping stones toward her desired destination.

Rapp has also grappled with societal expectations and double standards, particularly concerning her attitude towards success. She has experienced criticism for not adhering to a traditional narrative of extreme gratitude and subservience, a critique she welcomes as she continues to carve her own unique path in the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pop Stardom

Q: Who is Reneé Rapp, and what significant decision did she make at the age of 19?

A: Reneé Rapp is a 23-year-old artist known for her roles in acting and music. At 19, she made a significant decision to turn down a lead role in the national touring production of “Mean Girls” musical, despite financial pressures, in pursuit of her dream of becoming a pop star.

Q: What marked the turning point in Reneé Rapp’s career?

A: The release of her debut album, “Snow Angel,” marked a turning point in Reneé Rapp’s career, establishing her as a recognized and critically acclaimed recording artist.

Q: How has Reneé Rapp managed the transition from acting to music?

A: Reneé Rapp smoothly transitioned from acting to music, capitalizing on her fame to fulfill her dream of becoming a recording artist. Her debut album, “Snow Angel,” reflects her versatility as an artist.

Q: What personal aspects of her life has Reneé Rapp been open about?

A: Reneé Rapp has been open about her bisexuality and her struggles with eating disorders, showcasing her vulnerability and transparency in the public eye.

Q: How does Reneé Rapp handle criticism and societal expectations?

A: Reneé Rapp faces criticism for not conforming to traditional expectations of extreme gratitude and subservience in her career. However, she embraces the freedom to carve her unique path in the entertainment industry.

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