9 people hurt in Denver shooting after Nuggets win and suspect taken into custody, police say

by Lucas Garcia
Indiana Tornado

A shooting incident in Denver, early Tuesday, led to nine people getting injured after celebrations of the Nuggets’ maiden NBA championship victory, according to police reports. A suspect is now in custody.

The Denver Police Department stated that the event occurred around 12:30 a.m., leaving three of the victims critically injured. The location of the shooting was roughly a mile away from Ball Arena, where the Nuggets triumphed over the Miami Heat on Monday night.

Police spokesperson Doug Schepman addressed the situation, stating, “The exact circumstances leading to this confrontation, which culminated in gunshots, is currently under investigation.” He added that the shooting took place where a large crowd was celebrating during the night.

Although a small crowd remained in the area at the time of the incident, Schepman noted that it had “significantly reduced by that point.” The shooting area, he said, was a place where many people would have likely exited bars post-game.

Witnesses are currently being interviewed by the police and Schepman described the ongoing investigation as being “extensive.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Denver shooting

Where did the shooting occur?

The shooting occurred in Denver, about a mile from the Ball Arena.

How many people were injured in the Denver shooting?

Nine people were injured in the shooting.

What was the condition of the injured people?

Three of the nine injured were in a critical condition.

Has any suspect been apprehended for the shooting?

Yes, a suspect has been taken into custody in relation to the shooting.

What was the occasion in the area at the time of the shooting?

The shooting took place in an area where people were celebrating the Nuggets’ first NBA title win.

What is the status of the investigation?

The police are currently investigating the circumstances that led to the shooting. They are interviewing witnesses and the investigation is described as expansive.

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JohnDoe82 June 13, 2023 - 2:55 pm

denver shooting after nuggets win?! wt*?! why cant ppl just celebrate without violence? smh. hope the injured recover fast. police better catch all those involved.

Sarah45 June 13, 2023 - 11:08 pm

omg, so sad about the shooting in denver. hope evry1 gets better soon, praying 4 them. thnk god they caught the suspect.

SportsFanatic23 June 14, 2023 - 8:23 am

congrats to the nuggets on the win, but this news is heartbreaking. violence ruins everything. thoughts and prayers with the victims and their families. stay strong denver!


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