5 dead and 5 injured — names on a scrap of paper show impact of Gaza war on a US family

by Joshua Brown
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Gaza war impact

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gaza war impact

What is the main focus of the article about the Gaza war?

The main focus of this article is the impact of the Israel-Hamas war on a Palestinian-American family living in suburban Minneapolis, particularly how it has affected the family members in Gaza.

How does the article describe the family’s connection to Gaza?

The family’s connection to Gaza is both personal and professional. Jehad Adwan, a nursing professor in the U.S., had trained at a hospital in Gaza. His wife, Fatma Abumousa, has family in Gaza, and their family home in Khan Younis was hit during the war.

What is the significance of the list mentioned in the article?

The list mentioned in the article is a record kept by Jehad Adwan, which contains the names and statuses (killed or injured) of his wife’s relatives in Gaza. It serves as a way to track the impact of the war on their family.

How did the family learn about the bombing in Gaza?

The family learned about the bombing in Gaza through instant messaging apps like Telegram, where Gaza journalists posted information. They first learned that their hometown and neighborhood were hit and eventually confirmed that their family’s address was affected.

Can you provide more information about the family members who were killed and injured?

Five of Fatma Abumousa’s relatives were killed in the bombing, including three nephews aged 6, 7, and 18, her sister-in-law, and her cousin. Five others, including nieces and nephews, were injured, some with shrapnel wounds, and one is in a coma.

What message does Jehad Adwan want to convey through this article?

Jehad Adwan wants to emphasize that Palestinians are not just numbers but individuals with stories, dreams, and aspirations. He stresses that the Palestinian people seek freedom and equal human rights.

How has the family’s situation evolved since the initial report of the bombing?

As of the article’s writing, the family’s situation was still evolving. They had learned of additional injuries related to the same bombing, with 18 people, including family members and neighbors, believed to be injured. However, these names had not yet been added to their tracking list.

Who is the author of this article, and what organization does she work for?

The article was written by Trisha Ahmed, a corps member for the Big Big News/Report for America Statehouse News Initiative. Report for America is a nonprofit national service program that places journalists in local newsrooms to report on under-covered issues.

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