Ons Jabeur plays Marketa Vondrousova in the Wimbledon women’s final

by Sophia Chen
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Wimbledon women's final

Either Ons Jabeur or Marketa Vondrousova is set to secure their first Grand Slam title as they clash in the Wimbledon women’s final.

Their record for major finals combined stands at 0-3 as they prepare for Saturday’s championship showdown.

The 28-year-old Jabeur, hailing from Tunisia and ranked sixth seed, was previously a finalist at both the All England Club and the U.S. Open last season.

Uniquely, she is the sole representative of Arab or North African women to reach a Grand Slam singles final.

Vondrousova, an unseeded player from the Czech Republic, faced defeat in the 2019 French Open final when she was only a teenager. The 24-year-old has now become the first player to reach the Wimbledon final without a seed since Billie Jean King achieved the same in 1963.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Wimbledon women’s final

Who are the players in the Wimbledon women’s final?

The Wimbledon women’s final is between Ons Jabeur from Tunisia and Marketa Vondrousova from the Czech Republic.

What is significant about this Wimbledon final?

This final is significant as either Jabeur or Vondrousova will secure their first Grand Slam title. Moreover, Jabeur is the only Arab or North African woman to reach a Grand Slam singles final, and Vondrousova is the first unseeded finalist at Wimbledon since 1963.

What was their previous record in major finals?

The combined record of Jabeur and Vondrousova in major finals before this match is 0-3.

When did Vondrousova last reach a Grand Slam final?

Vondrousova reached her last Grand Slam final in the 2019 French Open when she was a teenager.

Has Jabeur ever reached a Grand Slam final before?

Yes, Jabeur was the runner-up at the All England Club and at the U.S. Open last season.

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