Israel government

by Joshua Brown
Israel government

Israel government is the system of governmental institutions that are responsible for managing and governing the state of Israel. It is based on a parliamentary democracy, where power ultimately lies with its citizens through their elected representatives in the Knesset. The official language of Israeli government is Hebrew, though English and Arabic are also spoken by many officials.

The executive branch of Israel’s government consists mostly of ministers appointed by the Prime Minister to serve as part-time advisors or cabinet members. A President serves as head-of-state but holds mainly ceremonial duties such as signing bills into law and awarding medals and honorific titles; he or she does not exercise any real political authority over day-to-day affairs within the country itself.

Legislative powers lie with Parliament (Knesset), which currently has 120 seats that represent different constituencies throughout Israel. Members are elected every four years in a national election conducted according to proportional representation rules determined by each party’s relative success at winning votes during campaigns leading up to elections day(s). Laws can be proposed either directly from individual MKs or indirectly via committees established for this purpose; once passed they must then receive Presidential assent before becoming legally binding across all regions under Israeli jurisdiction..

Judicial power rests largely with Supreme Court justices who interpret existing laws while providing guidance regarding new ones when necessary; decisions made here may only be overturned if another court decides otherwise – usually due to contradicting evidence presented after an appeal process has been completed successfully . Other courts exist throughout various levels including regional district councils, appellate divisions & military tribunals depending upon specifics related case being heard/tried respectively . Additional offices include Attorney General’s Office responsible both prosecuting criminal cases domestically abroad as well conducting investigations into possible violations public law order ..

In addition there multiple other agencies tasked carrying out specific functions set forth them legal documents ; these range from regulating economy investing funds foreign countries certain aspects security defense operations domestic intelligence services etc… All overall responsibility maintaining stability prosperity nation falls its citizens whose collective voice shapes policy direction taken time come go so long remain competitive global environment ensure better future generations yet follow ..

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