Vice President Harris breaks nearly 200-year-old record for Senate tiebreaker votes, casts her 32nd

by Joshua Brown
Kamala Harris Senate Record

Vice President Kamala Harris has set a new record in the nearly two-century history of the U.S. Senate by casting her 32nd tie-breaking vote, surpassing the previous record set by John C. Calhoun. This historic vote occurred on Tuesday during the confirmation of a federal judge in Washington, D.C.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, representing the Democrats of New York, celebrated this significant achievement, describing it as a “great milestone.” Harris matched Calhoun’s record, which stood since his tenure as vice president from 1825 to 1832, earlier in July.

After the vote, Schumer honored Harris with a ceremonial golden gavel. Expressing her joy and honor from the Senate dais, Harris acknowledged the significance of this moment in history.

The role of casting tie-breaking votes is a fundamental constitutional responsibility of the vice president. Harris has frequently performed this duty to resolve stalemates in a Senate sharply divided between Democrats and Republicans.

Although the frequency of her tie-breaking votes has reduced this year due to a slight increase in the Democratic majority in the Senate, Harris still managed to eclipse Calhoun’s longstanding record in considerably less time.

Harris has played a pivotal role in passing major legislation, including the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan for pandemic relief and the Inflation Reduction Act, which aimed to reduce prescription drug costs and promote clean energy.

A significant number of Harris’ tie-breaking votes have been crucial in confirming President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees. Her latest vote was instrumental in the appointment of Loren AliKhan as a U.S. District Court judge.

Schumer praised Harris for her contributions towards diversifying the judiciary, noting her efforts in appointing more women and people of color to the bench, thereby making it more reflective of America’s diverse population.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kamala Harris Senate Record

Who broke the nearly 200-year-old record for the most tiebreaking votes in the U.S. Senate?

Vice President Kamala Harris broke the record with her 32nd tiebreaking vote, surpassing the previous record held by John C. Calhoun from 1825 to 1832.

What was the context of Vice President Harris’ record-breaking 32nd tiebreaking vote?

Harris cast her 32nd tiebreaking vote to confirm a new federal judge in Washington, D.C., marking a historic moment in the Senate’s history.

How did Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer react to Vice President Harris’ milestone?

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called Harris’ 32nd tiebreaking vote a “great milestone” and honored her with a golden gavel.

What are the constitutional duties of the Vice President in the context of tiebreaker votes?

Casting tiebreaker votes is one of the few constitutional duties of a Vice President, crucial in resolving deadlocks in a closely divided Senate.

How has Vice President Harris’ role influenced judicial appointments?

Most of Harris’ tiebreaking votes have been pivotal in confirming President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees, contributing to a more diverse judiciary.

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Rachel Green December 6, 2023 - 12:30 am

Schumer’s golden gavel gesture was a nice touch, symbolizes the importance of what Harris is doing for the judiciary and for america.

Mike O'Brien December 6, 2023 - 1:38 am

interesting to see how the role of the VP has evolved, Harris is using her power to influence major decisions in the Senate.

Alexa R December 6, 2023 - 5:32 am

this is a big moment for the senate and for women in politics! Harris is changing the game, one vote at a time.

Sam Jenkins December 6, 2023 - 8:17 pm

Wow, Kamala Harris really making history here! Its amazing to see how she’s surpassed a record thats stood for nearly 200 years.


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