Unbelievable Footage: Russian Jet Caught on Video Dumping Fuel on US Drone

by Michael Nguyen
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The U.S. government showed a video of a Russian plane dropping fuel on an American Air Force drone which ended up crashing into the Black Sea. So, America wanted to show that Russia was responsible for the incident without causing any more problems between both countries. Also, Poland announced it’s giving Ukraine 12 MiG-29 fighter jets since they asked for them as they are in need of aircrafts.

The Pentagon said that the US military just released footage of a Russian Su-27 jet flying near their MQ-9 Reaper drone. The jet released fuel into the air as it passed by, which was a way of trying to stop the drone from sticking around by confusing the optical instruments on it.

A video was released that showed the damage to the propeller of a U.S. drone after it was hit by either one of two Russian jets. The U.S military believes one of the jets damaged the propeller blade, causing them to ditch their drone in the ocean. The video doesn’t show what happened when they were hit, but you can tell from seeing the damage done to their propeller how serious the collision must have been.

Russia said their fighter jets didn’t shoot down the drone, but it still fell to the ground after making an unexpectedly sharp turn.

The White House criticized Russia’s actions as being very careless, but they are also doing what they can to prevent any arguments from escalating further. U.S. officials haven’t been able to figure out if the Russian pilot intentionally shot down the American drone or not, but they mentioned that they’re still talking with Russia in a peaceful way.

John Kirby from the White House National Security Council said that they can’t prove there was a plan to intensify or cause Russia’s claim that it is against the West. He also mentioned that they don’t want any conflict with Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the USA and its partners have already been involved in a battle between Ukraine and Russia, which has persisted for 13 months now. This is because America and its colleagues are providing weapons for Ukraine and furnishing Kyiv with intelligence info. The country’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said yesterday they will try to retrieve parts of the drone that fell down.

U.S. officials are confident that the Russian forces won’t find anything important from the wreckage of a $32 million drone that crashed into water that was between 1,200 and 1,500 meters deep. They said they might attempt to get some of the parts from the fallen drone back, but unfortunately there aren’t any U.S. ships in the area.

Planes from Russia and NATO countries have been meeting in the sky for a long time, but this past Tuesday was special – an American plane crashed during one of these confrontations. This has made some people worry that it means the United States and Russia will be fighting each other soon.

Russia is worried about American planes flying near Crimea, because its soldiers took control of the area away from Ukraine in 2014.

Wednesday was a serious day for top U.S. and Russian defense leaders because they had calls to talk about the destruction of a drone. This was the first time these two countries had spoken on the phone since October.

Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that Shoigu, their Minister of Defence, accused the United States for causing a fight by not following their flight restrictions in Ukraine. The U.S. responded saying that their drone was flying in international skies.

The MQ-9 has a huge wingspan that spans 66 feet (20 meters). This type of drone is made up of a ground control station and satellite equipment, and it can carry weapons. However, Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder from the Pentagon wouldn’t confirm if the drone that was dumped had any kind of arms on it or not.

The US government just released a video which is the latest piece of evidence that shows how Russia has been trying to cause trouble in the world. The Biden administration wants people to be aware of these actions and plans from Russia so our allies know what is happening.

The White House agreed to Washington’s decision to publicize the information, and the Pentagon, along with President Joe Biden’s safety-team said it was really important for people around the world to know what happened. A person who knew about this process told us that they spent time sorting out all the security details and there was no fear of any tension between Russia and America.

The video released by the Pentagon didn’t show the actual collision between the jet and the drone. Some people were worried that Russians would think there was no contact when they saw this video. However, after explaining the evidence that could only come from a collision, like damage to the propeller of the drone, everyone agreed it should be made public.

Polish President known as Andrzej Duda said that within the next few days, Poland plans to give Ukraine a total of between 11 and 19 MiG-29 planes – some of them ready to use, while the other needs to be serviced before they can use.

Duda said that the fighter jets they are providing are almost at the end of their life, but still functioning. It is still not clear if other countries will give Ukraine disused fighter jets like Slovakia has already promised to do.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, asked different NATO members (including the U.S.) for help but some of them were unsure. The White House confirmed Poland had told them ahead of time that they wanted to provide MiGs to Ukraine.

Kirby, the spokesperson for the White House, praised Poland for helping Ukraine even though they are a much smaller country and said that their decision to give fighter jets has nothing to do with the US president’s choice not to provide F16s.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, Ukraine had a lot of MiG-29 planes from when the Soviet Union ended. We don’t know many are still working now. Duda said Poland would give them new planes from South Korea and America: FA-50s and F-35s.

Poland is a great friend to Ukraine. They let thousands of American soldiers stay on their land and take in more people who ran away from the conflict in Ukraine than any other place. For many centuries Russia tried to start wars with Poland and even invaded it, but they remain safe because they are part of NATO now.

The police in Warsaw said that they have taken some people from a Russian spying group into custody. They believe these people were planning to make trouble in Poland and keeping an eye on railroads used to bring weapons to Ukraine. A lot of news about the war between Russia and Ukraine can be found online at https://bigbignews.net/russia-ukraine

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