The Republican leading the probe of Hunter Biden has his own shell company and complicated friends

by Madison Thomas
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Representative James Comer, a wealthy farmer and prominent landowner in rural Kentucky, has meticulously documented his extensive landholdings in congressional financial disclosures. However, he has treated a six-acre parcel purchased in 2015 differently. Co-owned with a long-time supporter, this land was transferred to Farm Team Properties, a shell company Comer co-owns with his wife.

This arrangement, unearthed by The Big Big News, casts a shadow over Comer’s integrity, especially in light of his leadership in investigating President Joe Biden. Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has been vocal in criticizing the Biden family, particularly Hunter Biden, for using similar shell companies to allegedly conceal earnings from dubious sources.

However, Comer’s own use of a shell company to manage a land asset co-owned with a donor raises questions about his financial transparency. This company’s operations are comparably opaque to those used by the Bidens, potentially concealing Comer’s interest in the land from public financial disclosures. The congressman lists Farm Team Properties in these disclosures as a real estate and land management company owned by his wife, without further specifics.

Ethics specialists highlight a possible breach in House rules, which mandate the disclosure of all assets over $1,000 held by such entities. Comer’s financial dealings, including his partnership with Darren Cleary, a significant campaign donor, and the evolution of Farm Team Properties’ value, are now under

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