Spain Sizzles in Summer-like Temperatures

by Joshua Brown
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Spain’s National Weather Service predicted it would be really hot all over Spain, with temperatures going up to 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). It will feel like summer in the Guadalquivir Valley! Everyone is sweating in this heatwave. The Health Ministry might even start their emergency plan early to help regions deal with the heat.

The Spanish weather agency, AEMET, said that April is really hot because of a mass of warm air coming from North Africa. Many people are going to the beach this weekend to take advantage of the warmth. However, those who live in Madrid don’t have this same option and Loli Gutiérrez (70 years old) is concerned about what temperatures will be like when summer arrives.

She said, “It’s already hot in April. If this heatwave continues this summer, it’ll be even worse in June.”

Last year was one of the hottest years ever recorded in Spain since 1961. La Niña only made a slight difference and didn’t lower the global temperature much.

The government of Spain asked the European Union to provide money as soon as possible because there has been an extreme lack of rain in agricultural areas like the Guadalquivir Valley.

Spain produces a lot of olive oil and fruits and vegetables for Europe, and since it’s been too dry the cost of Spanish olive oil has gone really high.

Right now, almost one third of Spain is really dry and water stores are only half full! The Ministry of Environmental Transition says so.

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