South Korean authorities apprehend individual linked to high school teacher’s assault following distinct assault that injured 14

by Andrew Wright
South Korea stabbings

A male individual, suspected of knifing a high school instructor in Daejeon city, was apprehended by South Korean law enforcement on Friday. This incident comes on the heels of another unrelated attack that took place on Thursday, in which a total of 14 individuals sustained injuries close to a bustling subway station in Seongnam.

The Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency has refrained from publicizing specific information about the suspect involved in the Friday assault on the teacher at Songchon High School, merely indicating that he is a man in his late twenties.

From the police’s account, it appears the suspect ambushed the teacher as he exited a classroom, assaulted him, and then absconded. This sequence of events, according to officials, points to a possible acquaintance relationship between the two.

The condition of the assaulted teacher has not been confirmed by the police or fire department.

Following a violent incident in Seongnam on Thursday, which President Yoon Suk Yeol categorized as a “terrorist attack on innocent civilians,” the incident in Daejeon occurred a few hours after the President demanded “extremely rigorous” law enforcement action to rebuild public confidence in safety. Daejeon is roughly 120 kilometers (75 miles) south of Seongnam.

Thursday’s violence in Seongnam resulted in at least two individuals being critically injured. A car veered onto a sidewalk, and the driver exited the vehicle and indiscriminately attacked people at a shopping complex connected to the Seohyeon subway station, located in a lively commercial and leisure area.

Among the fourteen victims, five were injured by the car, with at least two in critical condition. Nine others were stabbed, with eight suffering severe injuries, according to the Gyeonggi Province fire department.

The police are interrogating a 22-year-old male suspect. His identity has not been revealed, nor has any information about a potential motive been provided.

The suspect, while being interviewed by the police, spoke in a disjointed manner and claimed to be stalked by an unknown entity, as reported by Park Gyeong-won, a Gyeonggi’s Bundang district police station official.

The knives used by the suspect were purchased at another shopping mall the previous day, as stated by Park, but no concrete evidence has been found to suggest premeditation of the assault.

Forensic teams were observed scrutinizing the AK Plaza, where the Thursday assault occurred. A damaged white Kia hatchback was spotted parked on a sidewalk near the subway station.

A witness, Hwang Hee-woon, recounted the scene to YTN television, describing hearing a scream and fleeing in terror when told the assailant was approaching.

The assault on Thursday was the second major knife assault involving random victims within a month in the country. In July, a knife attack occurred on a street in Seoul, the capital, which resulted in one fatality. Gun-related crimes are uncommon in South Korea due to stringent gun control laws; however, no significant regulations apply to knives, including domestic tools often used in attacks.

In light of Thursday’s incident, President Yoon has advocated for enhanced social media monitoring for threats, increased law enforcement presence for prevention, and better equipment for officers, per his office’s statement.

Following the president’s remarks, the National Police Agency Commissioner General Yoon Hee-keun announced the commencement of an unspecified duration of “special surveillance.” During this period, police will enhance patrols and perform random checks to protect against individuals suspected of carrying weapons or behaving abnormally.

Yoon also emphasized that police officers will be guided to actively use firearms or tasers to subdue suspects during violent crime incidents.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about South Korea stabbings

What are the details of the recent violent incidents in South Korea?

There have been two major incidents of violence in South Korea recently. In the first, a car drove onto a sidewalk near a shopping mall linked to the Seohyeon subway station in Seongnam, injuring five people, two critically. The driver then began stabbing people at random, wounding nine people, eight seriously. The second incident happened in Daejeon, where a man in his late twenties stabbed a high school teacher at Songchon High School and fled.

Who are the suspects in these incidents?

The suspect in the Seongnam incident is a 22-year-old male, but his identity has not been disclosed. The suspect in the Daejeon incident is described as a man in his late 20s, but his personal details have also not been released.

How has the South Korean government responded to these incidents?

President Yoon Suk Yeol called for “ultra-strong” law enforcement measures to restore faith in public safety after the Seongnam violence. In addition, National Police Agency Commissioner General Yoon Hee-keun declared the start of an indefinite “special surveillance” period, during which police officers will increase patrols and stop-and-search activities to guard against “people suspected of carrying weapons or acting abnormally.”

Were these incidents premeditated?

There is no clear evidence to suggest that either of the attacks were premeditated. However, the 22-year-old suspect in the Seongnam incident purchased the two knives used in the stabbings from a different shopping mall a day before the attack.

How frequent are such violent incidents in South Korea?

Gun-related crimes are rare in South Korea due to stringent gun control laws. However, these recent incidents mark the second major knife attack involving random victims within a month in the country. In July, a knife attack on a street in Seoul resulted in one death.

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SophieB August 4, 2023 - 10:30 am

so scary what the world has become. and its happening all around us. they say guns are controlled but what about knives? something needs to be done…

SupermanFan August 4, 2023 - 8:02 pm

Shocked by these incidents… our teachers should be respected not attacked. they’re shaping our future, for goodness sake. Prayers for the victims and their families.

Anonymous123 August 4, 2023 - 9:04 pm

This is very worrying. Hope the govt takes proper actions and prevent future attacks. safety should be the priority. period!

CitizenK August 5, 2023 - 2:20 am

More police surveillance isn’t the answer. We need to understand what’s causing these attacks in the first place! maybe then we can actually do something about it.

Jake_D August 5, 2023 - 6:31 am

Man, this is so sad… 🙁 Why people just can’t live in peace? We need better security and control measures. Stay safe, everyone.


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