Skipper of boat in crash that killed US tourist off Italy faces manslaughter investigation

by Gabriel Martinez
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The captain of a rented motorboat that was involved in a fatal collision off the coast of Amalfi, Italy, resulting in the death of an American tourist, is facing a potential manslaughter investigation, according to an announcement made on Saturday by Giuseppe Borrelli, the Salerno Chief Prosecutor.

The Italian captain, whose identity has not been publicly disclosed, is also under scrutiny for possibly causing a shipwreck. As of now, no charges have been officially brought against him, and the investigative process is continuing.

The tragic incident took place on Thursday afternoon, leading to the death of 45-year-old Adrienne Vaughan. She, along with her husband and the boat’s captain, were aboard the motorboat when it crashed into a chartered sailboat hosting a wedding reception with approximately 70 guests. Both her husband and the captain suffered injuries, while Vaughan lost her life.

Authorities have been examining blood samples from the captain to ascertain his alcohol and drug levels at the time of the incident, though the preliminary findings have been inconclusive. Recent reports suggest that the toxicology tests revealed traces of cocaine, but further evaluation is necessary to determine its impact on the captain’s ability to control the boat.

The injured captain, who is said to be suffering from rib and pelvis fractures, is still in the hospital and has been interrogated by investigators. Meanwhile, the victim’s husband, Mike White, is receiving treatment for a shoulder injury in another hospital and has spoken to authorities with further discussions planned.

Vaughan’s two young children were unharmed in the incident and are currently under the care of their grandfather, who traveled to Italy to assist while their father recovers.

During the crash, Vaughan was thrown into the water and, despite immediate assistance from two doctors on the sailboat, she died before medical transportation could reach her. An autopsy report is still awaited.

The captain of the sailboat stated that the motorboat was moving at a high speed when it struck the stationary vessel. The ongoing investigation has included questioning the sailboat’s captain and several passengers, including American and other international tourists.

The family’s motorboat had departed from the town of Amalfi and was on its way to Positano when the accident happened.

Adrienne Vaughan was notably the president of the U.S. branch of Bloomsbury Publishing, a company known for its array of celebrated authors such as Sarah J. Maas, Susanna Clarke, and historian Mark Kurlansky. One of Bloomsbury’s books, authored by the late Winfred Rembert and titled “Chasing Me to My Grave: An Artist’s Memoir of the Jim Crow South,” earned the Pulitzer Prize for biography in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Amalfi Coast crash

Who is being investigated in connection with the Amalfi Coast crash?

The skipper of a rented motorboat is being investigated for suspected manslaughter and causing a shipwreck in connection with the crash.

Who was the victim in the fatal boat crash off the Amalfi Coast?

Adrienne Vaughan, 45, the president of Bloomsbury Publishing’s U.S. branch, was killed in the crash.

What were the circumstances of the crash?

The motorboat, rented by Vaughan’s family, slammed into a chartered sailboat where 70 guests were enjoying a wedding reception. The crash resulted in Vaughan’s death and injuries to her husband and the boat’s skipper.

Were there any other injuries in the crash?

Yes, the skipper of the rented motorboat and the victim’s husband, Mike White, were injured. The skipper sustained pelvis and rib fractures, while White was treated for a shoulder injury.

Have charges been filed against the boat’s skipper?

As of the report, no charges have been filed against the skipper, and the investigation is still ongoing.

What are authorities specifically investigating about the skipper?

Authorities are investigating the skipper’s potential alcohol and drug levels at the time of the accident. Blood samples were taken, and initial results have been inconclusive, though traces of cocaine were reportedly found.

What happened to the victim’s children after the crash?

The victim’s two young children were unharmed and are now under the care of their grandfather, who traveled to Italy to help while their father is recovering.

Who else was questioned as part of the investigation?

Investigators questioned the captain of the sailboat, as well as some of the 70 passengers, including American and other foreign tourists.

What is the significance of Adrienne Vaughan’s professional background?

Adrienne Vaughan was the president of Bloomsbury Publishing’s U.S. branch, a notable publishing company. A Bloomsbury book won the Pulitzer Prize for biography in 2022.

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