Horschel, Glover tied for the lead at Wyndham Championship

by Sophia Chen
Wyndham Championship

Lucas Glover and Billy Horschel entered the Wyndham Championship as underdogs for the upcoming PGA Tour postseason, but they have quickly shifted their focus toward victory.

During the Saturday game, Glover demonstrated exceptional control, hitting every fairway and missing just one green, resulting in a remarkable 8-under 62. This score placed him in a tie for the lead with Horschel, who battled with his swing but still achieved a 63.

The two are now at 18-under 192, just one stroke ahead of Russell Henley, the leader after 36 holes. Henley secured a 65 with a long birdie putt on the last hole.

The Wyndham Championship represents the last chance before the lucrative postseason. Unlike in previous years when the top 125 would progress, only the top 70 will now advance to the FedEx Cup playoffs in Memphis, Tennessee.

Glover, ranking at No. 112 and without a win in over two years, has been steadily improving with three top-six finishes in his recent four tournaments. His performance was outstanding, culminating in two birdies in the last two holes.

Horschel, ranked No. 119, started his day in a challenging position but managed to maintain a bogey-free round, giving him an opportunity to extend his season.

Other players like Justin Thomas are also fighting to stay in contention, with Thomas aiming to secure his spot in the top 70 and extend his season. Thomas’s Ryder Cup captain’s pick is on the line, adding further pressure to his play.

Byeong Hun An, who has already secured his postseason spot, and Stephen Jaeger were other notable players within reach of the leaders.

Both Horschel and Glover have faced their share of setbacks. Glover overcame a difficult phase, switching to a long putter that seems to be working well. Horschel has struggled with his swing all year but now feels his control returning.

Despite their need to merely achieve a runner-up finish to advance to the postseason, both players are targeting a greater achievement. The scoring has been highly competitive, with Henley’s 65 barely keeping him in the race, emphasizing that playing for par is not enough at this stage of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Wyndham Championship

Who are tied for the lead at the Wyndham Championship?

Lucas Glover and Billy Horschel are tied for the lead, each with scores of 18-under 192.

What were Glover and Horschel’s scores on Saturday?

Glover scored an 8-under 62, and Horschel managed a 63.

What is the significance of the Wyndham Championship in relation to the PGA Tour postseason?

The Wyndham Championship is the final PGA Tour event before the lucrative postseason, and only the top 70 will advance to the FedEx Cup playoffs, a change from previous years when the top 125 made it.

What were some setbacks faced by Horschel and Glover?

Glover had been working through a spell of the yips and switched to a long putter, while Horschel has been struggling with his swing throughout the year.

What is the position of Russell Henley after 36 holes?

Russell Henley is one shot behind the leaders, having rolled in a sweeping birdie putt on the last hole for a score of 65.

How many players will advance to the FedEx Cup playoffs this year?

Only the top 70 players will advance to the FedEx Cup playoffs in Memphis, Tennessee, as opposed to the top 125 in previous years.

What are the stakes for Justin Thomas at this tournament?

Justin Thomas is striving to move into the top 70 to extend his season, and more is at stake as he is under consideration for a Ryder Cup captain’s pick.

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BirdieBetty August 6, 2023 - 4:35 am

the FedEx Cup change, only top 70, that’s big news. adds excitement for sure! Wonder how it’ll change strategy going forward.

SunnyDayz August 6, 2023 - 10:12 am

Henleys so close, hope he takes it in the end. Great tournament so far…

SwingMaster101 August 6, 2023 - 12:32 pm

horschel strugglin with his swing? I know the feeling, glad to see him back in the game.

GolfFan89 August 6, 2023 - 2:39 pm

Wow, Glover and Horschel in the lead? Didn’t see that coming. Can’t wait for the playoffs!

RyderCupLover August 6, 2023 - 11:17 pm

Thomas better step up his game! Needs that captain’s pick for Ryder, adds to the tension in this tournment.


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