Seattle Storm’s Travel Plans Altered by Stormy Weather, Delaying 1-Hour Flight to Washington

by Lucas Garcia
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Due to thunderstorms sweeping across the Northeast, the Seattle Storm had to modify their travel arrangements in order to reach Washington for their game against the Mystics on Tuesday.

Initially scheduled to fly to Washington on Sunday, the Storm’s operations staff, who arrived at the airport ahead of the team, learned that their flight had been canceled due to the approaching storms in the area.

The next available direct flight that could accommodate their 24-person travel party was on Wednesday, a day after the game. Additionally, limited seats were available on Amtrak trains heading to Washington, given that it was the end of a holiday week.

Inquiring with the bus company about the possibility of their driver taking the team to Washington, the Storm arranged for their staff to be picked up at LaGuardia Airport, embarking on a southbound journey for what could potentially be a 5-hour drive to D.C. Normally, a flight from New York to Washington takes around an hour.

It had already been a hectic week of travel for the Storm. They flew from Seattle to Boston on Tuesday and then drove for 2 hours to Mohegan Sun. Seattle practiced on Wednesday and competed against Connecticut on Thursday.

Following a 20-point loss to the Sun, the team embarked on a drive of over 3 hours on Friday to reach New York, preparing for their game against the Liberty. The Storm displayed greater competitiveness in that match, but ultimately fell short with a 80-76 defeat on Saturday afternoon.

After their game in Washington, Seattle will charter a flight to Atlanta on Wednesday, marking their only back-to-back games this season. The WNBA has introduced charter flights for teams during the second half of back-to-back trips, while teams continue to fly commercially for other games. The league has estimated that chartering for the entire season would cost approximately $2 million per team.

Washington, on the other hand, was playing in Connecticut on Sunday, with their scheduled return flight still listed as on time, according to a team official.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about travel plans

Q: Why did the Seattle Storm have to alter their travel plans?

A: The Seattle Storm had to alter their travel plans due to thunderstorms blanketing the Northeast, which resulted in the cancellation of their scheduled flight to Washington.

Q: What was the alternative transportation option for the Seattle Storm?

A: Since their flight was canceled, the Seattle Storm opted for a 5-hour drive to Washington instead of a 1-hour flight. They arranged for a bus to transport their staff from New York to D.C.

Q: How did the Storm’s travel schedule look like before their game in Washington?

A: Prior to their game in Washington, the Storm had a busy travel week. They flew from Seattle to Boston, drove to Mohegan Sun, practiced, played against Connecticut, drove to New York, and competed against the Liberty.

Q: Will the Storm have any back-to-back games this season?

A: Yes, the Storm will have back-to-back games this season. After their game in Washington, they have a charter flight to Atlanta for their only back-to-back games in the season.

Q: How are WNBA teams traveling for games?

A: For the second half of back-to-back trips, the WNBA has introduced charter flights for teams. However, for other games, teams continue to fly commercially. The estimated cost of chartering for the entire season is around $2 million per team.

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Hoopslover23 July 10, 2023 - 2:49 am

Wow, what a crazy travel week for the Storm! They flew to Boston, drove to Mohegan Sun, played in Connecticut, drove to NY, and then faced the Liberty. And now a looong drive to Washington! Gotta give ’em props for their dedication. #RoadWarriors #WNBA


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