Russian Drone Strike Marks Largest Since Invasion Began

by Gabriel Martinez
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Russia-Ukraine Drone Attack

On Saturday, Russia executed its most significant drone strike against Ukraine since the onset of the conflict in 2022, predominantly focusing on Kyiv, as reported by Ukrainian military authorities.

The offensive comprised 75 Iranian-produced Shahed drones, 74 of which were intercepted by Ukrainian air defenses, according to the Ukrainian Air Force.

Ukrainian Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk identified Kyiv as the principal target on his Telegram channel, describing the onslaught as the city’s most severe drone-based attack.

Serhii Popko, leader of the Kyiv city administration, and Ukrainian air force spokesman Yurii Ihnat, verified that air defense systems downed 66 drones over Kyiv and its vicinity.

Status of American Assistance to Ukraine:

In anticipation of difficult times ahead, a senior advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during a recent trip to Washington, highlighted the challenges Ukraine faces as it contends with Russian aggression and the onset of winter. Meanwhile, in the U.S., President Joe Biden’s proposed aid package of nearly $106 billion for Ukraine, Israel, and other purposes remains in limbo in Congress. This delay stems from new political demands by Republican lawmakers, who seek alterations in U.S.-Mexico border policy to curb migration. This linkage of Ukrainian military aid to American border security has stirred controversy, intertwining a contentious domestic issue with the debate over foreign policy during wartime.

During the extensive drone attack, which lasted several hours, at least five civilians, including an 11-year-old, were injured. The attack led to significant damage to infrastructure, including a kindergarten, and disrupted power supply, leaving

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