Review Panel Recommends Disbarring Rudy Giuliani for Promoting Trump’s False Election Claims

by Lucas Garcia
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A review panel has recommended that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani face disbarment in Washington due to his pursuit of baseless claims made by then-President Donald Trump regarding the 2020 presidential election. In a report released on Friday, the three-member panel criticized Giuliani for asserting widespread election fraud without any supporting evidence. The report focused on Giuliani’s actions during a Pennsylvania lawsuit aimed at overturning Trump’s loss to Democrat Joe Biden.

From Election Day to the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot, Giuliani, along with other lawyers representing Trump, consistently pushed unfounded allegations of election fraud. These claims were largely dismissed by both federal and state courts. Giuliani now joins the ranks of John Eastman, facing disbarment in California, and Lin Wood, who recently surrendered his license in Georgia, as lawyers potentially losing their ability to practice law due to their actions on behalf of Trump.

In their report, the panel members—Robert C. Bernius, Carolyn Haynesworth-Murrell, and Jay A. Brozost—stated, “Mr. Giuliani’s attempt to undermine the integrity of the 2020 presidential election has had a destabilizing effect on our democracy.” They further described his misconduct as unparalleled in its destructive purpose and impact, highlighting his persistent refusal to acknowledge the harm he has caused.

Giuliani has already had his law license in New York suspended for disseminating false statements following the election. The review panel’s findings will now be sent to the D.C. Court of Appeals for a final decision.

Responding to the panel’s recommendations, Ted Goodman, a political adviser to Giuliani, condemned their work as an effort to persecute Giuliani and part of a larger scheme to deny effective counsel to President Trump. Goodman called on members of the DC Bar Association to denounce what he perceives as a great injustice.

Giuliani’s involvement in post-election activities has made him a central figure in various federal and state investigations. He has met with the special counsel appointed to probe attempts to overturn the 2020 election, as well as prosecutors in Fulton County, Georgia, who are conducting their own investigation.

The panel’s scrutiny focused on a case argued by Giuliani on November 17, 2020, ten days after major news outlets declared Biden the winner. The Trump campaign alleged that Philadelphia and six Democratic-controlled counties in Pennsylvania allowed voters to correct technical issues in mail-in ballots that would have otherwise been disqualified. Giuliani, although once a U.S. attorney in New York, had not appeared in court as an attorney since 1992 before this Pennsylvania case.

During the hearing, Giuliani made baseless claims of a nationwide conspiracy to steal the election from Trump—an assertion the former president continues to maintain today. U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann rejected Giuliani’s arguments shortly afterward, noting that the Trump campaign had sought the invalidation of millions of votes.

The review panel’s report affirmed that Giuliani “did not provide any evidence that fraudulent mail-in votes were actually cast or counted,” instead relying on his own inferences. They dismissed Giuliani’s argument that he lacked sufficient time to investigate his case before filing it, deeming it unimpressive. The panel concluded that Giuliani had violated a rule prohibiting lawyers from engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice, citing his role in burdening the courts with unnecessary and frivolous lawsuits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about disbarring

Q: Why is Rudy Giuliani facing potential disbarment?

A: Rudy Giuliani is facing potential disbarment due to his involvement in promoting false claims made by former President Donald Trump about the 2020 presidential election. A review panel has condemned Giuliani’s actions, stating that he made unsupported claims of massive election fraud without presenting any evidence.

Q: How did Giuliani’s actions affect the integrity of the election?

A: According to the review panel, Giuliani’s efforts to undermine the integrity of the 2020 presidential election have had a destabilizing effect on democracy. They described his misconduct as unparalleled in its destructive purpose and impact. Giuliani persistently refused to acknowledge the wrong he had done, further damaging the public’s trust in the electoral process.

Q: What were Giuliani’s claims regarding the election?

A: Giuliani repeatedly asserted that there was widespread election fraud, but he failed to provide any evidence to support his allegations. He made these claims during a Pennsylvania lawsuit aimed at overturning President Trump’s loss to Joe Biden. The panel’s review found that Giuliani did not offer any evidence that fraudulent mail-in votes were actually cast or counted, relying instead on his own inferences.

Q: Has Giuliani faced any disciplinary actions before?

A: Yes, Giuliani’s law license in New York has already been suspended for spreading false statements following the election. Now, with the review panel’s recommendation for disbarment in Washington, Giuliani could potentially face severe consequences for his actions related to the election.

Q: Are there other lawyers facing potential disbarment for similar reasons?

A: Yes, besides Giuliani, there are other lawyers who may lose their ability to practice law due to their actions on behalf of Donald Trump. John Eastman faces potential disbarment in California, and Lin Wood recently surrendered his license in Georgia. All three lawyers played a prominent role in promoting baseless claims of election fraud.

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BookLover99 July 8, 2023 - 5:24 am

The review panel’s recommendation to disbar Rudy Giuliani is a significant development. It highlights the potential consequences for lawyers who engage in promoting false claims without evidence. Upholding the integrity of the legal profession is crucial.


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