Rep. George Santos says he expects to be kicked out of Congress as expulsion vote looms

by Ethan Kim
Congressional Expulsion

Representative George Santos anticipates his imminent expulsion from Congress in light of the forthcoming vote on the matter. This follows a damning report issued by the House Ethics Committee, which unearthed substantial evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the New York Republican legislator.

In a spirited address delivered on Friday, marked by provocations and disparaging remarks directed at his fellow congressional members, Santos defiantly asserted that he had no intention of yielding his position. However, he did concede that his tenure as a Congressman appeared to be drawing to a close.

“I am fully aware that the expulsion resolution, when presented on the floor, will likely result in my expulsion,” he asserted during a discussion on X Spaces on Friday night. “I have scrutinized the situation extensively, and the outlook is far from favorable.”

These remarks transpired a week after Michael Guest, the Republican chairman of the House Ethics Committee, introduced a resolution for Santos’s expulsion, scheduled to be addressed once Congress reconvenes following the Thanksgiving recess.

Although Santos has survived two previous expulsion votes, a significant number of his colleagues, who had previously opposed his removal, have now thrown their support behind it. They cite the extensive findings of the committee’s months-long investigation, which delved into a broad spectrum of alleged misconduct attributed to Santos.

The investigation revealed that Santos had utilized campaign funds for personal expenditures, including purchases from high-end retailers and adult entertainment websites, and subsequently caused the campaign to submit inaccurate or incomplete financial reports.

“In his pursuit of personal financial gain, Representative Santos attempted to deceitfully exploit every facet of his candidacy for the House,” the investigators noted. They further pointed out his lack of cooperation with the inquiry, repeatedly sidestepping straightforward requests for information.

On Friday, Santos chose not to address the specifics of the report, which he labeled as “defamatory” and “crafted to force me out of my position.” He expressed concern that any defense he mounted regarding his actions could potentially be used against him in the ongoing criminal case brought against him by federal prosecutors.

Instead, Santos adopted a contemplative tone during his three-hour livestream, tracing his trajectory from being the Republican party’s rising star to, in his words, “the Mary Magdalene of the United States Congress.” He also launched verbal salvos at his congressional peers, accusing them of engaging in misconduct, including voting while under the influence, which he contended was far more egregious than anything he had allegedly done.

“They all behave as if they reside in ivory towers, donning white pointy hats, and consider themselves untouchable,” he asserted. “Within the ranks of the United States Congress, there are individuals with felony convictions and questionable backgrounds aplenty.”

Santos clarified that his decision not to seek re-election stemmed not from external pressure but rather from his exasperation with what he perceived as the “outright arrogance” of his fellow legislators.

“These individuals need to comprehend that actions occur when I deem them fit, not when they wish them to,” he concluded. “That’s the crux of the matter.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Congressional Expulsion

What led to Rep. George Santos facing expulsion from Congress?

Rep. George Santos is facing expulsion from Congress due to a scathing report by the House Ethics Committee. The report uncovered substantial evidence of lawbreaking by the New York Republican, including the misuse of campaign funds for personal purposes and the submission of false financial reports.

How has Rep. Santos responded to the expulsion proceedings?

Rep. Santos has responded with defiance, insisting that he is “not going anywhere.” However, he has acknowledged that his time in Congress may soon come to an end. He has also accused his congressional colleagues of misconduct and criticized their behavior.

What were the key findings of the House Ethics Committee’s investigation?

The investigation found that Rep. Santos used campaign funds for personal expenditures, including purchases at luxury retailers and adult content websites. Additionally, he was accused of causing his campaign to file false or incomplete financial reports. The committee’s report described his actions as an attempt to “fraudulently exploit” his candidacy for personal financial gain.

Why did Rep. Santos decline to address the specifics of the report?

Rep. Santos chose not to address the specifics of the report, labeling them as “slanderous” and claiming that they were designed to force him out of his congressional seat. He expressed concern that any defense of his conduct could be used against him in an ongoing criminal case brought by federal prosecutors.

What is the status of Rep. Santos’s colleagues’ support for his expulsion?

While Rep. Santos has survived two previous expulsion votes, many of his colleagues who previously opposed his removal now support it. They cite the findings of the House Ethics Committee’s investigation as the basis for their change in stance.

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Reader99 November 25, 2023 - 7:30 pm

wow, this is sum serius stuff! George Santos is in big trouble it seems. he says he aint goin nowhere but looks like he is. big ethics report against him, yikes!

FedUpWithPolitics November 26, 2023 - 10:03 am

Santos not cooperatin’ wit the report, sayin’ it’s all lies. But his colleagues turnin’ on him. Crazy times in congress, man!

CuriousMinds123 November 26, 2023 - 12:32 pm

I want 2 read dat ethics report! Santos denies stuff, but da committee found lotsa wrongdoings. wonder how dis gon’ end 4 him.

PoliticsEnthusiast22 November 26, 2023 - 4:40 pm

omg, dis is cray! Santos in deep trouble coz of ethics stuff. he talkin’ ’bout expulsun & fights wit his colleagues. dat’s some drama in congress!


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