“New Orleans Students Receive Remarkable Scholarships Surpassing $9 Million”

by Joshua Brown
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A 16-year-old student from New Orleans is an extraordinary achiever! With a grade point average of almost 5.0, he has already earned 27 credits for college and was offered scholarships totaling over $9 million from more than 130 different colleges and universities!

Dennis Maliq Barnes, who goes to the International High School of New Orleans, has received a lot of scholarship offers – around 200! The school administrators are proud of his achievement and they’re checking if he’s set a record. But this wasn’t something Barnes was aiming for when he applied to loads of colleges – he just wanted to make sure he had enough options so that he could choose the place where he wants to go.

He was sitting in the computer room of an urban charter school when he said during a interview that he just kept trying again and again, applying to different schools that caught his interest. Outside, you could hear the rumbling of streetcars passing by.

He is planning to study computer science in college. He has also been working as an intern at the Louisiana State Bar Association located near his high school campus and that made him consider going to law school. He believes that his strong Christian faith helped give him success, as well as the guidance of his school’s college admissions counselor, Denise James.

James and Head of School Adierah Berger both agree that Barnes is a great leader who sets an example for other students, even those whose first language isn’t English. James also says that Barnes is really good at Spanish and always offershelp to anyone who needs it without being asked.

Barnes, who comes from New Orleans, is not sure yet how far he will go for college. He may stay nearby if the choices close to him are good enough. But on the other hand, Barnes would like to explore and see something new. “I think it would be really exciting,” he said.

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