Nebraska Man Stopped by Police for Unconventional Car Passenger: A Bull

by Gabriel Martinez
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Bull-Riding Spectacle

Law enforcement in the largest city of northeast Nebraska recently encountered an unusual sight that left them in awe – a car cruising with a bull on board. Rest assured, the bull was not the one navigating.

Norfolk Police Capt. Chad Reiman revealed that responding to a 911 call reporting a modified Ford Crown Victoria sedan with a bull riding shotgun on the main highway leading to the city was an unexpected yet intriguing task. This event unfolded during the early hours of a Wednesday morning in a town of around 24,000 residents.

“The true nature of the situation became clear when we laid eyes on it,” Reiman commented with an air of astonishment.

The Ford Crown Victoria, which had undergone certain modifications to accommodate its extraordinary passenger, sported a distinctive set of longhorns serving as a striking hood ornament, along with provisions for securing the Watusi bull comfortably within.

“It would have been impossible for this spectacle to go unnoticed,” Reiman confirmed.

A video of this peculiar traffic stop, captured by News Channel Nebraska, quickly gained traction on the internet. The car, owned by Lee Meyer, bore a side sign hailing from a recent parade in Burwell, proclaiming that the vehicle had clinched the title of “Best Car Entry” in Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade.

In an image provided by News Channel Nebraska, the formidable Watusi bull, affectionately named Howdy Doody, could be seen occupying the passenger seat of Meyer’s car on August 30, 2023, in Norfolk, Nebraska. Meyer’s vehicle, with its windshield and roof partially removed, had been a staple in local parades for several years, specifically designed to provide space for the bull to join the processions.

When questioned by Reiman, Meyer reportedly mentioned that he had transported Howdy Doody in a proper trailer for the previous parade in Burwell. Consequently, the motive behind Meyer’s decision to transport the bull within his car, embarking on a 36-mile journey from Neligh to Norfolk, remained unclear.

Reiman disclosed that, contrary to expectations, Meyer was not en route to another parade that Wednesday. However, Meyer’s inability to provide an immediate explanation was evident, as he did not answer his home phone on the morning following the incident.

On the other hand, Rhonda Meyer, Lee Meyer’s wife, conveyed to a local radio station that Howdy Doody had been an integral part of her husband’s life for approximately eight to nine years, a cherished “friend and buddy.” She further revealed that video footage of Lee Meyer driving alongside Howdy Doody had been available online since 2017 and 2019.

Rhonda Meyer, speaking to US92, alluded to her husband’s newfound “movie star” status following the viral circulation of the traffic stop video. She acknowledged his inclination to shy away from attention but emphasized the deep bond shared between Lee Meyer and the bull.

Though Howdy Doody had found a permanent place within the Meyer family, Rhonda Meyer confessed that she had not always been completely enamored with the amount of money her husband had expended on the bull and the related automotive project.

In the eyes of Reiman, there were clear instances of traffic violations tied to Meyer’s unique automobile arrangement. Nevertheless, the officer opted to give Meyer a verbal warning on the condition that he promptly turned around and transported Howdy Doody back home.

Reiman concluded by acknowledging the unprecedented nature of the situation, stating, “We’ve never encountered anything quite like this before.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bull-Riding Spectacle

What was the unusual incident involving a car and a bull in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, police stopped a modified car with a bull riding shotgun. The spectacle of a bull accompanying the car was a remarkable sight that attracted attention.

Why did the police pull over the car?

The police were alerted by a 911 call reporting a Ford Crown Victoria sedan with a bull inside. The modified car was seen driving on the main highway entering the city.

Who owned the car and the bull?

The car was owned by Lee Meyer. The bull, affectionately named Howdy Doody, had been a part of Meyer’s life for around eight to nine years.

What modifications were made to the car?

The Ford Crown Victoria had its windshield and roof partially removed to make room for the bull. The car also featured longhorns as a striking hood ornament.

Why did Lee Meyer decide to transport the bull in his car?

It remains unclear why Meyer chose to transport the bull in his car that day. He had previously transported the bull in a trailer for parades.

Was Lee Meyer headed to a parade during the incident?

Contrary to expectations, Lee Meyer was not en route to a parade on the day of the incident. The reason for his journey with the bull in the car was not immediately clear.

How did the public react to the incident?

A video of the traffic stop captured by News Channel Nebraska quickly gained attention online. Rhonda Meyer, Lee Meyer’s wife, mentioned that her husband had gained some local fame due to the incident.

What was the response of the police to the situation?

Although there were traffic violations related to Meyer’s car, the police officer issued a verbal warning. Meyer was allowed to proceed as long as he returned the bull home.

What was Rhonda Meyer’s perspective on the bull’s role in their lives?

Rhonda Meyer mentioned that Howdy Doody had become an integral part of their family, describing him as a “friend and buddy” for her husband.

How did the local community view Lee Meyer’s unusual car setup?

Lee Meyer’s car had gained recognition in a recent parade, where it won the title of “Best Car Entry” in Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade. The community’s response to his creative and unique car arrangement was mixed.

Was there any explanation for the bull’s presence in the car?

Lee Meyer’s wife, Rhonda, explained that her husband had an affectionate bond with Howdy Doody. However, the reasons behind the decision to transport the bull inside the car on that particular day remained unclear.

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