Drone Strike in Moscow Injures One and Causes Brief Airport Shutdown

by Michael Nguyen
Drone Attack in Moscow

During the wee hours of Sunday, Russian officials reported a sudden drone attack from three Ukrainian drones in Moscow, which injured an individual and initiated a short-term halt on a city airport’s operations.

This marks the fourth strike on the capital region within the month and the third one this week, escalating anxieties over Moscow’s susceptibility to such attacks amidst the prolonged Russian-Ukrainian conflict, now in its 18th month.

Characterizing the event as an “attempted act of terrorism by the Kyiv regime,” the Russian Defense Ministry reported that three drones targeted the city. One was intercepted and brought down by air defense systems in the Moscow vicinity, while the remaining two were jammed and subsequently crashed into the Moscow City business district.

Photographs from the crash site revealed a skyscraper with damage to one of its floors. Moscow’s Mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, stated that the attack caused “minimal damage” to the exterior of two structures within the Moscow City district. Tass, Russia’s national news agency, cited emergency officials reporting that a security guard was injured in the incident.

Vnukovo airport, situated on the city’s southern periphery, saw a cessation of flights for approximately an hour, as reported by Tass. Moreover, for a brief period, all aircraft were barred from the skies over Moscow and its nearby regions. However, these restrictions have since been lifted.

In the vicinity of the crash within the Moscow City area, authorities also imposed a traffic ban.

While not directly confirming Ukraine’s involvement in the Moscow attack, a Ukrainian airforce representative implied that Russian citizens were experiencing the fallout of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“People who believe the war ‘doesn’t affect them,’ it’s already reached them,” spokesperson Yurii Ihnat informed journalists on Sunday.

Ihnat also mentioned another drone attack on Russian-held Crimea during the same night. It was announced on Sunday by Moscow that they had intercepted 16 Ukrainian drones and disabled an additional eight using electronic jamming techniques. There were no casualties reported.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s airforce announced the destruction of four Russian drones over Ukraine’s Kherson and Dnipropetrovsk regions. The veracity of these reports could not be independently confirmed.

At the same time, a Russian missile strike on the city of Sumy in northeastern Ukraine claimed two lives and injured 20 on Saturday evening. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry stated that a four-story building affiliated with a vocational college was hit. Local authorities reported extensive damage to dormitories and educational buildings resulting from the subsequent explosion and fire.

Earlier on Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry reported a Ukrainian drone was shot down near Moscow. Four days prior, two drones hit the Russian capital, one falling near the Defense Ministry’s headquarters, approximately 3 kilometers (2 miles) away from the Kremlin, and the other striking an office building in southern Moscow, causing substantial damage to several upper floors.

In a previous attack on July 4, the Russian military reported that four drones were intercepted on the outskirts of Moscow, and a fifth was electronically jammed and forced to land.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Drone Attack in Moscow

What occurred in Moscow in the early hours of Sunday?

Three Ukrainian drones targeted Moscow in a strike, injuring a security guard and causing a temporary halt of operations at Vnukovo airport, one of the city’s airports.

Who was injured during the drone attack?

A security guard was reported injured during the attack, according to Russia’s state news agency Tass.

How did Russian authorities respond to the attack?

Russian air defense systems shot down one of the drones, and the other two were jammed and subsequently crashed into the Moscow City business district. Furthermore, temporary restrictions were imposed on flights in and out of Moscow and nearby regions, as well as traffic around the crash site.

How has the drone attack affected Moscow’s infrastructure?

The attack caused minor damage to the exterior of two buildings within the Moscow City district, and briefly disrupted operations at Vnukovo airport.

Who was behind the drone attack?

Although Ukraine’s direct involvement in the attack was not confirmed, the Russian Defense Ministry characterized the event as an “attempted act of terrorism by the Kyiv regime.”

Were there other similar attacks in the recent past?

Yes, this incident marked the fourth attempt at a drone strike on the capital region within the month and the third within the week.

Were there any casualties in other recent drone attacks?

No casualties were reported in other recent attacks, including an overnight drone attack on Russian-occupied Crimea.

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IrinaS July 31, 2023 - 6:19 am

im living in Moscow and its getting scary with these drones… Didn’t realize it’s already the 4th attack this month!! :O

AlexV July 31, 2023 - 8:01 am

man, those drones are no joke. Glad no1 was killed tho. war needs to end now!

OlegR July 31, 2023 - 9:42 am

look at the times we are living in, where drones can terrorize a city…seriously its high time both sides talked peace!

ValentinN July 31, 2023 - 10:52 am

what’s the point of all this violence? Innocent ppl getting hurt, buildings damaged.. this war needs to stop asap.

NadiaZ July 31, 2023 - 2:28 pm

as a mother, i’m worried for my children. the thought of drones overhead is just horrifying. peace is the only way forward.

Pavel_D July 31, 2023 - 4:02 pm

Never thought i’d see the day when drones attack Moscow! Things need to calm down. War never brings any good, only suffering.

YanaK July 31, 2023 - 9:23 pm

I work in the Moscow City district, this is terrifying, war feels closer home now 🙁


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