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March Madness has been crazy so far with some top teams going down unexpectedly. It all got even more exciting when TCU’s Damion Baugh hit a 3-pointer at the last second against Gonzaga. Now, the NCAA Tournament is back with the Sweet 16 games starting Thursday. We’ll look at what to expect from a betting standpoint when these games begin.

Betting on the Best

Alabama, the best of all teams, is very likely to win in their region and if you bet $145 on them, you will get back $100 if they win. Creighton is the sixth-best team but still has a good chance at winning; If you bet $100 on them – you will get back $175.

For the Midwest Region, Houston is also the top team and it’s not as certain that they’ll win, however if you bet $115 on them then you will get back $100 when they win. Texas is second best in this region and people are betting a lot less (only $100) but if Texas wins they would give back an impressive return of $190.

In the West Region, UConn is the team most expected to win with a plus-185 chance of winning. Coming in second for the region is UCLA with a plus-195 chance, and Gonzaga isn’t far behind at plus-230 chances.

The East Region teams also have similar chances – Tennessee has a plus-125 chance, Michigan State at plus-270, Kansas State at plus-320 and Florida Atlantic’s chance being the furthest away at plus-470.

Sweet 16 Brackets

The favorites for the Sweet 16 are Alabama, Houston, UCLA, UCONN, Creighton and Texas. FanDuel says that people have bet more on Houston since the start of the tournament but they have put their money on UConn.

Bet On South Florida Teams

This could be a really good tournament to bet on. There are three teams from South Florida which you can place bets for – Miami, FAU and Xavier. All of these teams have different chances of winning and are listed on the FanDuel website with their odds. However, the only team not mentioned is Princeton, so unfortunately there’s no betting option available here.

Playing Till the Final Second

Out of all the games, only two scored really high: Texas versus Xavier was 148 and a half points while UCLA versus Gonzaga had 145 and a half points.

Gonzaga was leading 84-78 with only 0.7 seconds left in Sunday’s game and started to shake hands with their opponents, TCU. However, Baugh wanted to keep playing and ran behind a rolling ball up the court so the clock wouldn’t run out. He then picked up the ball at midcourt and threw a 3-pointer into the net, which made the final score 84-81. This made some people who had bet on TCU happy as it secured them 4 1/2 point advantage that they had predicted before the game! But not everyone was pleased, because those who had bet on Gonzaga were now disappointed by this sudden dashed of hope, so they let Baugh know about it. In response, he tweeted: “Nobody Told Y’all To Bet”.

One person in Indiana bet $500 on a team called Fairleigh Dickinson to beat Purdue, and they won $10,000 as a result. Another person from Kansas put down $150,000 betting on Texas to win over Colgate and ended up winning $12,500.

Someone from Ohio wagered an amount of $300 on a 6-team parlay and increased their money to more than $35,000. Lastly, someone from New York was successful when placing a 8-team parlay and made an incredible profit of more than $9,400 by only investing $50.

Recently, a bettorm in BetMGM placed a $1 bet and was very lucky to win $15,650. Meanwhile, people who went to Circa Sports in Las Vegas had different bets to wager on player totals, such as Gonzaga’s Drew Timme and UCLA’s Jamie Jaquez Jr. scoring 19 points each, UConn’s Adama Sanogo scoring 17 1/2 points, and Kansas State’s Markquis Nowell at 17 points.

Alabama Remains

Five of the most popular college basketball teams — Kansas, Purdue, Arizona, Marquette, and Duke — were eliminated in the top 10 picks on ESPN Bracket Challenge game. But Alabama is still in with 36.1% of people voting for them to make it all the way to the Final Four. On CBS Sports, 92.5% predict Alabama to make it through the Elite Eight and 22.3% say they’ll win the national championship. 33 potential combinations that could reach the Final Four were wiped out too.

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