Liverpool star Mohamed Salah ‘shares pain’ of grieving families at Christmas amid Israel-Hamas war

by Chloe Baker
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Solidarity

What did Mohamed Salah express in his Christmas message?

Mohamed Salah expressed his solidarity with grieving families during Christmas amid the Israel-Hamas war. He emphasized the heavy hearts people carry due to the ongoing conflict and encouraged not forgetting the suffering of those affected.

Where did Mohamed Salah post this message?

He posted this message on X, formerly known as Twitter.

What specific aspect of the Middle East conflict did Salah mention in his message?

Salah mentioned the death and destruction in Gaza as a significant aspect of the Middle East conflict that weighs heavily on people’s hearts during the Christmas season.

Is there any mention of a plan to end the war in the text?

Yes, the text mentions that Egypt has floated an ambitious plan to end the war.

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