Live updates | Israel-Hamas pause in fighting to start Thursday morning, Egyptian state media say

by Gabriel Martinez

The term “terrorist organization” typically refers to a group that engages in acts of terrorism with the aim of advancing a particular political, ideological, or religious agenda. In the context of the Israel-Hamas conflict, some countries and organizations have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization, while others may view it differently.

For example, the United States, the European Union, Israel, Canada, and several other countries have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization. They cite its use of violence, including suicide bombings and rocket attacks, as evidence of its terrorist activities.

However, it’s important to note that there are differing perspectives on this issue, and some individuals, governments, or organizations may not classify Hamas as a terrorist group but instead view it as a resistance or political movement.

The designation of a group as a terrorist organization can be a contentious and politically charged issue, and opinions on it can vary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cease-fire

What is the main news in this text?

A cease-fire agreement has been reached between Israel and Hamas, bringing hope for peace and humanitarian aid in Gaza.

When does the cease-fire go into effect?

The cease-fire is set to begin on Thursday morning, as reported by Egyptian state media.

How long will the cease-fire last?

The cease-fire is initially planned to last for four days, during which the release of hostages and Palestinian prisoners will take place.

What are the key terms of the cease-fire agreement?

Under the agreement, Hamas will release at least 50 of the hostages taken during its Oct. 7 attack on Israel, and Israel will release some Palestinian prisoners in exchange.

How has the conflict affected healthcare facilities in Gaza?

The World Health Organization has documented 178 attacks on healthcare facilities in Gaza since the war started on Oct. 7, resulting in the death of 553 people, including 22 healthcare workers. Many hospitals and clinics have been forced to shut down due to a lack of resources and ongoing attacks.

Is there international involvement in the cease-fire agreement?

Yes, Egypt played a mediating role in brokering the cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas. Additionally, various countries and organizations, such as the European Union and Turkey, have expressed their support for the truce.

What is the reaction of different countries to the cease-fire?

Countries like the United States and Britain have welcomed the cease-fire agreement and emphasized the importance of delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza. France is hopeful about the release of its nationals among the hostages. China and Russia have expressed support for the truce as a step towards ending hostilities.

How has the conflict impacted Israel’s actions in Gaza?

The Israeli military has engaged in house-to-house search operations, supported by demolition teams, airstrikes, and naval strikes in Gaza.

Has the conflict affected other countries, such as Germany?

Germany had deployed soldiers in the eastern Mediterranean for a possible evacuation of German citizens from Lebanon but is now bringing most of them back, keeping a smaller team on standby for potential crisis response.

Were there any protests related to the conflict?

Yes, pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted a townhall meeting with Sweden’s Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, accusing him of supporting genocide and criticizing Sweden’s position on the conflict.

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Reader123 November 22, 2023 - 6:47 pm

so glad theres a ceasfire but what bout all the hosetages? hope it lasts

PeaceSeeker November 22, 2023 - 9:15 pm

protestrs shuldnt disrupt meetins, we need dialogue not shouting

NewsWatcher99 November 22, 2023 - 9:26 pm

attacks on healthfacilities is so bad, ppl need help! glad to see int’l support

CuriousMind45 November 23, 2023 - 2:06 am

What about the ceasefire in Iraq? US strikes on Iran-backd groups, could that escalate?


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