Wisconsin’s high court, which almost overturned Biden’s win in the state, flips to liberal control

by Chloe Baker
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Wisconsin Supreme Court

Wisconsin’s state Supreme Court has undergone a significant shift in political orientation, transitioning from conservative to liberal control for the first time in 15 years. Janet Protasiewicz, who prioritized abortion rights and criticized Republican-drawn redistricting maps during her successful election campaign, was sworn in as a justice. The ceremony was attended by numerous Democrats, and Protasiewicz’s victory holds great importance in Wisconsin, where the Supreme Court has played a decisive role in major political and policy disputes over the past decade.

The court’s previous conservative majority narrowly missed overturning President Joe Biden’s win in the state during the 2020 election. With Protasiewicz joining the liberal justices, the court is now poised to address various contentious issues, including voting rules, elections, the state’s abortion ban, political boundaries, and other significant matters.

Protasiewicz emphasized her commitment to maintaining a fair and impartial Supreme Court, free from political influence, and focused on protecting freedoms and ensuring equal justice for all. Her election was supported by Democrats, abortion rights groups, and liberal organizations, raising expectations that the court will take actions that align more closely with Democratic interests.

Given the new liberal majority, there are pending cases challenging the state’s abortion ban and the GOP-drawn district maps. Additionally, disputes over voting rules are anticipated as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

The shift in the court’s balance of power was seen as critical by Democratic leaders, who hope for favorable outcomes in abortion and redistricting rulings. The court has already undergone changes, with the dismissal of Randy Koschnick, the former director of state courts, due to the court’s “different direction” under the new liberal majority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Wisconsin Supreme Court, liberal control

What happened to the Wisconsin Supreme Court?

The Wisconsin Supreme Court underwent a significant shift in its political control, transitioning from conservative to liberal for the first time in 15 years.

Who is Janet Protasiewicz?

Janet Protasiewicz is the newly elected justice to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She made abortion rights a focal point of her campaign and criticized Republican-drawn redistricting maps.

What is the significance of Protasiewicz’s win?

Protasiewicz’s win holds immense importance in Wisconsin, as the state Supreme Court has been pivotal in major political and policy battles over the past decade-plus.

What are the potential implications of the court’s shift to liberal control?

With a liberal majority in the court, there are expectations that issues such as abortion rights, electoral rules, political boundaries, and other hot-button topics will be revisited.

How did the court nearly impact President Biden’s win in Wisconsin?

The conservative-controlled court came close to overturning President Joe Biden’s narrow win in the state during the 2020 election.

What changes are anticipated with the new liberal majority?

The court could potentially address challenges to the state’s abortion ban, order new electoral maps, and influence a range of issues that have been historically favored by Republicans.

Who supported Janet Protasiewicz’s election campaign?

Janet Protasiewicz received backing and financial support from Democrats, abortion rights groups, and liberal organizations during her campaign.

What cases are already pending before the court?

There are ongoing cases challenging the GOP-drawn district maps and a pre-Civil War era abortion ban in Wisconsin.

How will the court’s shift impact future elections?

The court’s decisions on voting rules and election matters are expected to play a crucial role heading into the 2024 presidential election.

What are the expectations of the new liberal majority?

Democrats hope that the court’s liberal majority will lead to favorable rulings on abortion rights and redistricting.

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