Israeli forces battle militants around another Gaza hospital as babies evacuated to Egypt

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Gaza Hospital Standoff

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gaza Hospital Standoff

What is the current situation in Gaza regarding hospitals and Israeli forces?

Israeli forces are engaged in an offensive against Hamas in northern Gaza, including around the Indonesian Hospital, where patients and displaced people are sheltering. There have been casualties, and tensions are high.

Why did the World Health Organization evacuate babies from Shifa Hospital?

The World Health Organization evacuated premature babies from Shifa Hospital due to the deteriorating conditions caused by the conflict, including shortages of water, medical supplies, and fuel for generators.

What is the main contention regarding Gaza’s hospitals in this conflict?

There is a battle of narratives over the impact of the conflict on Gaza’s civilian population. Israel claims Hamas uses civilians as human shields, while critics argue that Israel’s actions amount to collective punishment for Palestinians.

Are there allegations of Hamas using hospitals for military purposes?

Yes, Israel has alleged that Hamas maintained a command post under Shifa Hospital, citing tunnels and weapons found inside. Hamas has denied these allegations.

How many people have been displaced in Gaza during this conflict?

Approximately three-quarters of Gaza’s population, nearly 1.7 million people, have been displaced, with many seeking refuge in U.N.-run shelters.

What are the casualty figures for both sides in the conflict?

According to Palestinian health authorities, over 12,200 Palestinians, including nearly 5,000 minors, have been killed in Gaza. On the Israeli side, approximately 1,200 people, mainly civilians, have been killed.

Is there any progress in negotiations for the release of hostages?

Negotiations for the release of hostages have been ongoing, involving Israel, the United States, and Qatar as a mediator with Hamas. Israel’s war Cabinet is meeting with representatives of the hostages’ families.

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