German Leader Scholz Shares Image of Facial Injury Following Weekend Running Mishap

by Gabriel Martinez
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Sustained from a mishap during his weekend jog, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tweeted a photo of himself sporting a black eye patch.

“Intrigued to observe the forthcoming memes,” Scholz commented beneath the image.

To alleviate any burgeoning concerns regarding his well-being, Scholz offered a slight smile in the photograph, which seemed to be taken at the Chancellor’s office, adding the message, “Grateful for your concern; the situation is less severe than it appears.”

On Saturday, the Chancellor tripped and suffered facial contusions while jogging, necessitating the postponement of certain engagements for the weekend, according to an official statement.

On Monday, Scholz’s spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit informed the press in Berlin that the Chancellor was in respectable condition under the given circumstances. “His spirits were quite elevated this morning, despite appearing somewhat roughed up,” Hebestreit noted, emphasizing that the released image aimed to “acclimate the public to his appearance for the ensuing week or two.”

On Sunday, Scholz had to withdraw from scheduled commitments in the central region of Hesse, where a state election will transpire on October 8. Nevertheless, he was anticipated to make public appearances later on the same Monday in Berlin.

Local news outlets conveyed that the Chancellor had the accident while running in Potsdam, his hometown, situated approximately 28 kilometers (or 17 miles) southwest of Berlin.

Scholz has been at the helm of Germany since December 2021. Prior to this, he held the offices of Finance and Labor Minister and was also the Mayor of Hamburg.

On his party’s official website, a profile of Scholz reveals that he had a disinterest in sports during his school days, a sentiment that shifted after inspiration from his wife, Britta Ernst. “These days, I try to jog whenever feasible,” he mentions.

In addition to jogging, Scholz endeavors to allocate time two to three times weekly for other physical activities such as rowing, walking, and cycling.

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