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Early Friday morning, Russia launched more than a dozen cruise missiles at Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine. This attack sadly killed two people in an eastern city, as well as damaged a residential building in the center of Ukraine. Alarms went off around the country’s capital city and the nation’s air force tried to keep it safe by intercepting 11 cruise missiles and two unmanned aircrafts flying over Kyiv.

It seems that so far, no bombs or missiles were able to successfully reach Kyiv and hurt anyone. However, some power lines and a road got damaged near the city. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

On the other hand, one woman and her three-year-old child sadly died in the eastern city of Dnipro during an attack, according to Mayor Borys Filatov’s Facebook post. He mentioned that more information regarding this tragedy will be available soon.

Two missiles hit a house and some storage buildings in Uman, which is around 134 miles away from Kyiv. The region’s governor Ihor Taburets said five people were injured and taken to the hospital.

In Kyiv, a grouping of emergency service workers moved to the burning building with several floors severely damaged. Pictures and videos from the scene show how badly it was damaged. Air raid sirens were heard throughout Kyiv just before sunrise – this is the first attack on the capital since March 9th. The city administration reported that an anti-aircraft system was turned-on in response. Unfortunately, none of the emergency services people released information about any casualties at the site.

Missiles were sent from an unknown source, according to the Kyiv City Administration. This happened around the same time NATO said that many of its partners and allies have given Ukraine more than 98% of what they promised to help them defend themselves against Russia’s invasion and war. This means Ukraine now has better defensive capabilities if they decide to fight back.

Ukraine’s allies have sent lots of armor, tanks, and other supplies to help them. They’ve also trained up more than 30,000 troops for nine new brigades. Countries like Sweden and Australia even donated armored vehicles.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said that the recent attacks in Ukraine will help them to gain back control of their land which is currently occupied by Russia. On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had a long and important phone call with the Chinese president, Xi Jinping – this is the first time these two have talked since Russia invaded Ukraine more than a year ago.

President Zelenskyy was glad to hear the news on Wednesday, and other countries were too. But it didn’t really help with making peace between Russia and Ukraine, who want different terms for a deal. China does not want to criticize Russia for their invasion but still wants to be a big part of world diplomacy. They are also allies with Russia in opposing the US’s power in global affairs. President Xi even visited Moscow last month.

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