Celtics Cruise to Series Win Against Hawks, 128-120 in Game 6

by Joshua Brown
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Al Horford and the Boston Celtics were really excited to finish off their series against the Atlanta Hawks. Al made sure that the Hawks didn’t force a Game 7 by hitting a big 3-pointer in the last minutes of the game. In the end, the Celtics won 128-120 and won the best out of seven series 4-2.

After the Celtics lost a huge 13-point lead during Game 5 and were unable to end the series in Boston, they were determined not to mess up again. Horford said that all of them discussed about completing the game with a sense of urgency as it was very important for them to not draw out the series any longer.

The Boston Celtics were behind by three points, but then they went on a hot streak of 11 straight points. They scored 3-pointers in a row (shots with an extra point) by Al Horford, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown. To top it all off, Tatum dunked the ball after Horford’s shot missed, putting the Celtics ahead 121 to113 with 2:07 left in the game. This felt like a big win since the score had been very close throughout the entire game – 22 lead changes and 15 ties! Now bring on Philly!

The Boston Celtics, who are the second-best team in the tournament, will now face off against the third-best Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers have had some extra time to rest since their win over Brooklyn last Saturday. Game 1 will be on Monday night in Boston and Jaylen Brown scored 32 points and Jayson Tatum had 30 points for the Celtics. Al Horford also helped out with 10 points, 12 rebounds, 2 steals and 3 blocks – it was a huge help!

Al Horford was so determined to make a shot for the Celtics that he did it! After making a corner three which made the Celtics ahead, Al yelled back at an Atlanta fan who was talking trash to him.

Horford said it encouraged him and made him happy they talked bad because some people should be careful when they talk trash to him.

Marcus Smart was awesome and helped the Boston team succeed with 22 points, and then he gave the ball to Horford for a successful shot.

Trae Young was excellent in the first half and he scored 30 points and had ten assists, but his energy ran out in the second half and all his shots missed from then on. He only made nine of 28 shots throughout the game.

The season didn’t go as planned for the Hawks and they were again knocked out early in the playoffs. Despite that, Trae Young is hopeful about their future with a full year of Quin Snyder as head coach. He believes that under Sanchez, this team can one day win the championship.

Dejounte Murray came back to the Hawks’ team after being banned for one game because he bumped a referee at the end of Atlanta’s Game 4 defeat.

In the first half, he had no luck and couldn’t make any of his 5 shots. Although in the second half he improved, scoring 14 points, it wasn’t enough to keep their season going.

Coach Snyder was quoted saying “we were right there”.

Trae Young shot a long 3-pointer that gave the Atlanta Hawks the win against the Boston Celtics. He had scored 18 points in the first quarter, but after that, the Celtics made it harder for him to get any more points. Because of this game, Janet Jackson had to move her concert until the next day. Now State Farm Arena will be open for a summer event!


Boston’s basketball player, Grant Williams didn’t even get to play in three of the first five games during the playoffs. But, he was given an important role for the final game. The stats didn’t show much from him, only three points, two rebounds, one steal and one assist in 17 and a half minutes; however his team-mates praised his hard work, both on-court and off-court despite all of the time spent sitting on bench.

“When it was his turn, Grant stepped up and performed well,” said Horford. “Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to close the game.”


The Celtics shot 18 baskets from 3-point range. Every starter made at least one 3-pointer, plus three more players from the bench. Malcom Brogdon scored 17 points and Jayson Tatum got 14 rebounds during the game.

The Atlanta Hawks got a great performance from all five starters. De’Andre Hunter put in 20 points, John Collins chipped in with 16 and Clint Capela had 10. Onyeka Okongwu was dominant on the boards with 11 rebounds.

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