California Gov. Newsom spars with Fox News host Hannity over Biden, immigration and the economy

by Ethan Kim
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Governor Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom engaged in a heated exchange with Fox News host Sean Hannity, touching on topics such as President Joe Biden’s capabilities, immigration, and the economy. When asked about Biden’s cognitive abilities, Newsom affirmed his belief in the president’s fitness for a second term, citing frequent conversations and shared trips on Air Force One. However, Hannity persisted in questioning whether supporters had urged Newsom to challenge Biden in the 2024 election, to which Newsom evaded a direct response.

Despite repeatedly stating his lack of interest in a presidential run, Newsom’s increasing national prominence has fueled speculation about his future ambitions. After securing reelection as governor in 2022, Newsom established a new political action committee using the leftover campaign funds. He plans to utilize these resources to support Democratic candidates in Republican-dominated states and advocate for a 28th amendment to bolster federal gun laws.

Notably, this interview marked Newsom’s return to Fox News after over a decade. While he has been critical of the conservative news outlet’s coverage of guns and its hosts’ alignment with former President Donald Trump, Newsom acknowledged the need for more substantive discussions and less mutual accusations. The conversation between Newsom and Hannity was characterized by confrontation and interruptions, with Hannity pointing to California’s population decline during Newsom’s tenure as evidence of Democratic failures.

In response, Newsom argued that only the affluent were subject to California’s highest-in-the-nation income tax rate of 13.3%. He distanced himself from this policy, emphasizing his opposition to further tax increases targeting the wealthy. Despite their differences, Newsom also acknowledged a positive working relationship with former President Trump during the COVID-19 pandemic, though he faced criticism from the left for expressing this sentiment.

The interview, recorded in Sacramento, covered various issues but will continue in a subsequent segment later in the week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Governor Gavin Newsom, Fox News, Biden, immigration, economy, 2024, clash

Q: What were the main topics discussed during the clash between California Gov. Newsom and Fox News host Hannity?

A: The main topics discussed during the clash included President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities, immigration, the state of California’s economy, and speculation about Gov. Newsom’s potential run for president in 2024.

Q: Did Gov. Newsom directly answer the question about Biden’s cognitive strength?

A: No, Gov. Newsom evaded a direct response to Hannity’s question about whether supporters have urged him to run against Biden, refusing to disclose whether he believes Biden is “cognitively strong enough to be president.”

Q: What did Gov. Newsom say about his future political ambitions?

A: Gov. Newsom has repeatedly stated that he has no interest in running for president and fully supports Biden’s reelection campaign. However, his increasing national profile has led to speculation about his intentions beyond 2024.

Q: How did Gov. Newsom respond to accusations of Democratic failures in California, such as the state’s population decline?

A: Gov. Newsom pushed back against claims of Democratic failures, particularly pointing out that California’s highest income tax rate of 13.3% only applies to the wealthy. He emphasized his opposition to further tax increases and highlighted his track record of balancing budgets.

Q: What were some other notable aspects of the clash between Gov. Newsom and Hannity?

A: It was significant that this interview marked Gov. Newsom’s return to Fox News after a long hiatus, given his previous criticisms of the network’s coverage. The conversation was characterized by confrontation and interruptions, with both parties discussing a range of issues beyond the main topics.

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Caligirl45 June 13, 2023 - 8:07 pm

fox news finally gets newsom on their show after like forever! bout time! they gonna grill him on cali’s problems. population goin’ down, taxes goin’ up, it’s a mess. let’s see what he’s got to say.


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